Aug 20, 2022

Another Day Gone

Another Day Gone By {author, Unlimited Another Day Gone - by Eliza Graham Unlimited Another Day Gone - by Eliza Graham - Another Day Gone, Another Day Gone Coventry Days before the outbreak of World War II a terrorist bomb explodes on a busy street killing and maiming innocent civilians A man is hanged on the evidence given by a young witness As

  • Title: Another Day Gone
  • Author: Eliza Graham
  • ISBN: 9781503940031
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Another Day Gone - by Eliza Graham, Another Day Gone, Eliza Graham, Another Day Gone Coventry Days before the outbreak of World War II a terrorist bomb explodes on a busy street killing and maiming innocent civilians A man is hanged on the evidence given by a young witness As time goes on the witness doubts her recollection of events but her testimony has already had far reaching consequences Over sixty years later in the wake of the LondCoventry

Another Day Gone

Unlimited Another Day Gone - by Eliza Graham Unlimited Another Day Gone - by Eliza Graham - Another Day Gone, Another Day Gone Coventry Days before the outbreak of World War II a terrorist bomb explodes on a busy street killing and maiming innocent civilians A man is hanged on the evidence given by a young witness As Another Day Gone

  • Unlimited Another Day Gone - by Eliza Graham
    412Eliza Graham
Another Day Gone

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  1. 3.5 1939, Coventry, an IRA terrorist bomb explodes, many are killed, maimed A young witness identifies the man she saw with the bicycle the bomb was attached too, a young Irish man with a wife, and although she hasn t told him yet she is expecting their first child This young man and two others are convicted and hanged It is the death of this young man that will have consequences that reverberate down throughout the next sixty years This book explores how a single act can have an effect for so m [...]

  2. I chose this book purely based on the author, back in 2010 I read a book called Jubilee which has proved to be one that I have carried with me ever since so I leapt at the chance to read an advance copy of this one When preparing my weekly excerpt post, I was instantly drawn into the tale of a bomb going off in Coventry, shortly before the start of World War II, and promptly read the first three chapters before getting back to the job in hand.So did the rest of the book live up to the opening of [...]

  3. Unfortunately I read this while we were traveling and wasn t in a position to record my impressions Now they are a pleasant blur I remember that the prose was fine no irritants and I think I even resorted to the dictionary at times, which is a plus The plot moved along there was no temptation to abandon And I would be inclined to read something else by Eliza Graham It s really three plus stars.

  4. In 2007 I read Eliza Graham s debut novel, Playing with the Moon and loved it I fully intended to read of her books, but although I have her fifth book, The One I Was, I somehow missed the other three So when I saw her latest book, Another Day Gone was available I was delighted to receive an advance copy through NetGalley.I wasn t disappointed in fact I think it s amongst the best books I ve read this year.It s historical fiction, one of my favourite genres, beginning in 1939 just before the ou [...]

  5. I received this advance copy from net galley Lake Union for a fair honest review.After a slow start, I figured out the 3 time periods the 3 generations of people then the book just took off for me.The story starts out with a bombing in Ireland literally days before the start of WWII, a case of mistaken identity or is it a family left to pick up the pieces.We move ahead to another bombing, this time in England on July 7th, 2005 Sarah is in the tube when the bomb goes off, little does she know tha [...]

  6. I received ARC from netgalley in exchange for a review Secrets, haunting secrets that warp and manipulate Sara and Polly grew up under the fierce protection of Bridie who is haunted by a family secret I read several chapters before I got involved in the story but it s worth hanging on to the end.3 stars

  7. Finished reading December 2nd 2016 Come on, sweetheart, or it ll be another day gone A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing in exchange for an honest review Thank you view spoiler Another Day Gone belongs to one of my favorite genres, so it is easy to say I had high hopes for this book Historical fiction, set during various generations, interesting blurb It ticked all the right boxes, but unfortunately I ended up having a hard time enjoying this nove [...]

  8. Set against two separate time frames and three different story tellers, this was a story of family secrets and the irreparable damage that can be done by keeping such secrets Sara and Polly brought up by their grandfather and Bridie their nanny after the tragic death of their parents are very different as siblings Though as children they cling together against all outsiders, this they feel as their duty after their parents death It is a kind of loyalty but this begins to be tested the sooner the [...]

  9. Another Day Gone by Eliza GrahamI received the Kindle edition through a free giveaway on.The story begins pre WWII in Coventry with an explosion set by the IRA The wrong man is tried and found guilty of the murder of innocent bystanders He is hanged for the crime and years later his granddaughter goes searching for clues Can she find him innocent In a second twist to the story two sisters, Sara and Polly discover a family secret related to a car accident that killed their parents before Sara s b [...]

  10. The book revolves around the repercussions of three different terrorist bombings, all set in different eras, one in 1939, one in the 1990s and one in 2005.Sara witnesses the most recent of these, and shaken, returns to her home to find that her sister Polly, absent with no word for ten years, has returned Why she disappeared for all that time, and where she went is the first mystery of the novel.The second is why Bridie, their Irish Nanny and housekeeper now in a care home will not tell them any [...]

  11. In 1939 a bomb goes off in Coventry killing 2 people and maiming many others a young girl draws and artist impression of a man she saw outside with a bike and he is hanged for it.but was he the right man Sara and Polly were sisters whose parents were killed in a car crash when they were babies and they have been brought up by their grandfather and his housekeeper Bridie.but Polly discovers a secret and leaves home and apart from the occasional postcard no one sees her few years she doesn t even [...]

  12. This was an interesting story but I found it a bit disjointed It jumped about and didn t develop each character as I wanted so I felt as though I was left hanging waiting for .

  13. Thought provoking read into how terrorism impacts on so many lives not just those solely involved be it victims or terrorists for decades.s dI couldn t put this book down It was very interestingly from a historical point of view regarding the IRA It was a mystery that came together well I was sad that Sara and Polly never got to know they were half sisters and I really wanted to know what happened to Michael So worth reading.

  14. I m not sure what I m missing but this book just didn t read well to me I tried to keep the characters of the different generations straight but it seemed a new one was introduced with every new chapter I wanted to know about Birdie and learn about her life But it seemed like an impossible maze to me I m sorry, I tried I was given the opportunity to read this book by NetGalley and the publisher for my honest review Thank you both.

  15. I had no idea that this book would start with a young woman caught up at Edgware Road in the 7 7 bombings, as I was myself and how well she captured the emotions of that day She then continues a somewhat complicated family story using a number of flashbacks well done if a little too long, some judicious editing would not have gone amiss A good read, though

  16. The story was very indulging, though I did get confused with all the time jumping each chapter took I wish the ending was longer and fulfilling.

  17. I chose this book because I was impressed by the author s novel The One I Was This is a very different book but equally enjoyable I loved the way this book explores complex relationships and family secrets.Bridie is a great character, so real and filled with pain and regret she s painful to read at times Her whole life has been damaged by the fact her father was hanged for planting an IRA bomb that killed many people Sarah and Polly are great as well, sisters who are the opposite of each other T [...]

  18. The story of the rippling effects terrorism has on those involved and their families sometimes for generations This one is about an IRA bomb in England and the fictional story of it s results for the family of one of it s victims I liked Bridie despite her rigidness which was a result of her experience in an orphanage and as a Irish Catholic in England.

  19. 1.5 stars I was not a fan This novel felt too segmented and never flowed as one storyline Each person and their timeline felt like it s own story that had appearances in everyone elses but never completely created a full story There were a couple of interesting twists and points but overall I wouldn t recommend or choose to read another book by Eliza Graham.

  20. An ok read, but there was a lot of jumping around with the chronology in an attempt to create a mystery It s confusing for the reader to have characters with the surnames Jennings, Jenkins and Jenkinson, and it rather smacks of laziness.

  21. A nice book, not too challenging, kind of knew where it was going and what the twist was, but reasonably well written and enjoyable.

  22. Good read but rather jumps anbouy but you get the jistAbit boring in parts as you go through the book it jumps lots of years but its not a bad read

  23. Great readVery interesting book a great page turner will definitely read of this author a good style of writing most enjoyable

  24. Another complex family saga from Eliza Graham, hopping from one time frame to another, occasionally confusing Overall, I enjoyed the unfolding story which takes in historical aspects of WW11, the struggles of the Irish, and a modern day young woman, Sara, who is trying to make sense of her family s past.

  25. Interesting eraI found while this was a very compelling story, it was hard for me to follow each character Changing back and forth from the present to the past can be confusing for me Lots of surprises though

  26. Another Day Gone, that s how I feel about my attempt to read this book Looking for my next, great read The search continues.

  27. This is not an easy read, as it covers multiple generations, all hiding secrets At first I had a hard time following, but eventually it all sorts out, and is a fascinating story of England and Ireland or at least Irish people in England from pre WWII to the present.

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