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Blitzed By {author, [PDF] Blitzed | by Ç Lauren Landish [PDF] Blitzed | by Ç Lauren Landish - Blitzed, Blitzed I brought Laurie back to meet her father I brought her back to meet you I m normally not into jocks but when Troy Wood asks me out I feel like I m the Chosen One After all he s hot as hell and Silv

  • Title: Blitzed
  • Author: Lauren Landish
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Blitzed | by Ç Lauren Landish, Blitzed, Lauren Landish, Blitzed I brought Laurie back to meet her father I brought her back to meet you I m normally not into jocks but when Troy Wood asks me out I feel like I m the Chosen One After all he s hot as hell and Silver Lake s best athlete practically the King of Campus God s gift to women that s what they call him but I ll make a gentleman out of him Everything is perfect and h I brought Laurie back to


[PDF] Blitzed | by Ç Lauren Landish [PDF] Blitzed | by Ç Lauren Landish - Blitzed, Blitzed I brought Laurie back to meet her father I brought her back to meet you I m normally not into jocks but when Troy Wood asks me out I feel like I m the Chosen One After all he s hot as hell and Silv Blitzed

  • [PDF] Blitzed | by Ç Lauren Landish
    266Lauren Landish

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  1. DNF d at 36%Warning Spoilers follow The Good, Bad, and Ugly.You have this girl named Whitney, who apparently is a little piss on at Silver Lake High School She has a bible thumping mother, super popular best friend, and she s invisible But over the summer Little Miss Whitney decided to gain some weight, and every man at that school wants a piece of her ba dunka dunka One of the men even compared her ass to the likes of Kim Kardashian, while her best friend Dani put it on the same level asKate Up [...]

  2. This was just ok for me I thought Whitney was a brat who made decisions about her and Troy s life without even consulting him Troy just took everything she dished out without any fight I love a pregnancy romance story, especially if it s done well Their daughter Laurie was sweet and showed maturity than her mother.

  3. Self note from what I seen herione might annoy me too much Plus I need to know if they were both celibate during separation If anyone knows for sure can you please tell me For now this is a pass

  4. At first I was all into it, especially the highschool part The heroine leaves her junior year some skinny forgettable girl, goes on some pasta diet gaines weight, thickens up, comes back a breaks neck Catches the eye of the king of the school captain of the football team yada yada yada, everything goes great, I am enjoying it she hands over the V card finds out she is preggo, runs to europe breaks his friggin heart has a kid doesn t tell him shit5 years later has the fucking audacity to come bac [...]

  5. Hmm pretty good.This story was pretty good Minus the fact that I wanted to weak knee the heroine, Whitney, every 20% of the book she d make an irritating decision that honestly didn t make any sense, but WHATEVER.Troy was honestly the perfect hero He may have been to perfect even, because he let Whitney get away with too much crap WHATEVER Haha ok it s low on the smutty bits, high on the angst, and high on the sweet moments As annoying as Whitney was she was also sweet and MOSTLY good for Troy.I [...]

  6. Women the specie of this female mc is just a snake She should suffer for a incurable disease that would not kill her soon, but would make her feel pain and lose all her physical capabilities but would keep her brain intact so she would suffer in a living hell Being aware of everything and everyone but no being able to do a single thing review show

  7. Really silly youthful mistakes, ridiculous coming together with zero anger who finds out the love of his life had his child and never told him and he doesn t get angry child dialog was awful half the time I thought her mother was talking I finish the book because of troy not Whitney.

  8. This is the story of the hot high school football hero and the shy high school virgin who get together She ends up blossoming over the summer into her senior year and ends up trying for the cheerleading team and gets in and it seems like overnight she is one of popular crowd Of course he s the high school hottie and has been for a while and has never noticed the heroine before There have been a lot of these books out recently because of the popularity of some of the titles like Elle Kennedy s Th [...]

  9. Almost child likeSo here s the deal The story is about a High School girl who dates the hot shot QB, fall in love, each has different upbringings, virginity lost then surprise pregnancy Now female main character freaks and decides to not tell hot jock boyfriend about baby as it s better for him to not know Flash to current time and the baby is now 5 and female lead tells hot Pro nfl boyfriend that she had baby and kept it from him, all for his own good The dialog was immature, Troy was not even [...]

  10. What a delightful and heartwarming book this is and I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every page The story covers Whitney Nelson and Troy Wood going out with each other in High School and then Whitney ups and leaves Troy, and the years that pass before meeting again In this story you will find drama, suspense, heartbreak, misunderstandings, emotional feelings, abuse from a father, unplanned pregnancy, leaving, scholarship, friends, coming home with a child, telling the truth, disagreements, [...]

  11. Such a cute storyline about high school sweethearts The unpopular girl who just made the cheer squad She falls from the top of the pyramid and is saved by the most popular football quarterback They date and fall in love Then wham she makes a decision that will change her life forever She has to do what is best for her and her unborn child So a sad goodbye and a long trip across the ocean and she s off to Europe Can she forget her first true lovee father of her child Go one click Blitzed and find [...]

  12. ARC provided in exchange for a honest review.OK typically I don t read about secret babies as they always seem cliched But this book caught my attention as I am on a sports romance kick right now football romance is my absolute favorite , so I thought I would give it a try.Man am I glad I did I have read several books by Lauren Landish, and she has never disappointed This book is by far my favorite of hers She really knows how to write a gripping book, I was on the edge of my seat through the wh [...]

  13. I had such a hard time getting through this book The writing was inconsistent and the story line was very unrealistic The heroine takes off for five years and doesn t tell the hero she s having his baby and he s not even a little upset Don t get me wrong, I d love to see them get back together but their eventual happily ever after was incredibly rushed Ms Landish even offered a second book in the back of this one and it was even worse It was a menage romance, which I enjoy reading, except the wr [...]

  14. I normally don t write reviews, But I felt I had to on this one I have read hundreds, maybe thousands of booksd I rarely do not finish a book I always want to see the ending to a story regardless on the style of writing I am sorry to say that I put this in the category of DNF I couldn t do it.I tried so hard There was no feeling in this book No oomph My stopping point was around 32% of the book I tried to put my big girl pants on and push through the never ending chapters of the high school year [...]

  15. Just unbelievable This was almost a DNF for me I get that when the story started they were young and in High School but the rash decision she made and waited 5 years was ridiculous The Whitney continued to trample all over him and his feelings There was no easing into the child situation and then she stepped on him again and did not support him at all But of course it was portrayed that his love was so blind he accepted her back again I was hoping for out of this story.

  16. 2.5 stars I haven t finished this book so I can t rate is properly Iv tried 4 time to get into it but I cant seem to connect with the story line or the characters because it s a little mumbojumbo if I m honest The story seems to jump through a timeline but it s not seemless and I feel I m missing vital parts of the story and emotions I hate to DNF a book normally I d finish it even if I m not enjoying it but I just can t with this and it s frustrating because the storyline is so promising I will [...]

  17. Technically this is a 2.5 but only because of Troy and Laurie Whitney bugged the crap out of me Is it possible to slap a literary character Because I sure wanted to I mean seriously, grow the f k up But Troy, Laurie, Dani, coach loved them Even Troys dad He might be a raving douch bag, but he remained true to his character Whitney however acts like this hurt little girl who runs away every time things don t go the way she thinks they should to fit her life Grow up sister Life doesn t work that w [...]

  18. Whitney never had attention in school until she comes back and catches the eye of QB Troy Wood Troy is taken back by Whitney and knows she is different With there relationship solid they take the next step and have sex and Whitney gets pregnant, with his future to become a prof football player Whitney leaves Troy and doesn t let him know she was pregnant It torn them both apart and finally get a second chance Whitney sorta got on my nerves and she should have seen what her daughter wanted They f [...]

  19. Blitzed Lauren LandishWell, I knew it was going to be cheesy, as the plot itself is something we ve all read and heard before, but I still continued anyway I read through it because I can see the potential, and I have to admit there were a lot of scenes that are either cringe worthy or just a truckload full of cheese I didn t like the female lead, most of her choices were annoying, but the male lead was sweet.Overall, it was ok, but everything seems too good to be true, but I knew that beforehan [...]

  20. TimeHonestly I don t know where to start I think Laurie stole the story As soon as she was introduced I liked it I feel so bad for Troy especially since he had to deal with Whitney The beginning I thought Whitney was selfless and funny I couldn t believe that she put her happiness aside for Troy However that was the end of the line for me sympathizing or even relating to her She put her fears above everyone s happiness including her own She was a hypocrite and an idiot I definitely did not like [...]

  21. SPOILER ALERT I don t like giving bad reviews but I really don t have anything good to say about this one Whitney is a shallow person who just wants to bag herself a football player Troy is a bit of an asshat and manwhore and he only notices Whitney because she developed boobs and curves over summer After a few months they sleep together using an old dry condom and, surprise surprise, she gets pregnant She decides she doesn t want to ruin his life by telling him so she writes him a letter and ru [...]

  22. This was a sweet second chance sports romance with a HEA It takes you from small town high school through college and on to the pros for Troy Wood He was an all star high school football player who had what it takes on the field to get noticed by a college team which gets looks from the pros During his senior year in high school he knew that he had to push himself to the limits to get that scholarship that would be his ticket out of town and away from a father who continuously beat on him and Tr [...]

  23. A beautiful story about the choices we make for the people we love Whitney Nelson has always been the shy girl and the one no one ever recognizes but after a summer away and eating the right things, she comes back to school as a knockout She decides to embrace the new her and branch out by trying out for cheerleading where her BFF is captain Her tryouts turn out great and she catches the eye of the star QB.Troy Wood, star QB and all around campus IT guy, sees Whitney for than just her body Norm [...]

  24. 2 Blized StarsI hate to write a review with a 2 star but it was just so predictable I did like the narrator she did a great job She was what kept me listening to be honest I didn t enjoy Whitney as a character at all I didn t connect with her at all I thought she was selfish and just not a great kind of person at all I enjoyed her best friend Dani She is a character I wanted of I also loved Troy, his character intrigued me Throughout the book I loved all of the football sports stuff That was ve [...]

  25. 2.5 stars Spoiler Alert I gave this 2.5 stars because this book frustrated the crap out of me It started out great and I was really pulled into it It kept me interested in it until she leaves him the first time.I had mixed feelings about Whitney In the teen years she was okay but I wasn t crazy about her as an adult She left him then went back to see him again and agreed to start something with him then left AGAIN I felt that all the characters where a bit to perfect No one really fought or argu [...]

  26. I received this book in exchange of an honest review Troy, Troy, Troy You are the capital reason of why i loved that book Well written with an interesting and emotional story, sexy and touching characters, an amazing plot and exciting twists, Blitzed is just captivating Based on second chances and true love but also on the true aspects of an athlete s life, this funny, at time heart breaking, witty and wonderful romance will give you butterflies in the stomach Reading it, was a pure pleasure Ano [...]

  27. What a great story Just loved Troy and Whitney.The book started with the High School years and then went to AdulthoodTroy has never noticed Whitney before until now Her best friend Dani gets her to try out for cheerleader squad That is when Troy sees herTroy is hoping for a football scholarship after his final year at school When he spots Whitney, his man whore ways change direction Forever Things happen and everything changes for one of them I was given this book for an honest review So I am te [...]

  28. Whitney was invisible during her school year until the summer before her Senior year all things changed when she started that year with curves in all the right places Troy the High School it guy Everyone saw what he let them see, but he hide his life at home When Troy sees Whitney for the first time that s it But things change when the unexpected happens and words are taken wrong Whitney will not.take away Troy s dreams After 5 years have past Whitney comes home Will Troy hate her for staying aw [...]

  29. I had a BLAST reading this Everything flowed wonderfully I had such a hard time putting this book down It kept me engaged throughout the whole book I loved that love triumphed throughout this book I don t think I could continuously forgive the one I loved for all that Whitney had done But I for one know that love can forgive a whole lot This time it was Troy doing ALL the forgiving Thank You for a lovely read

  30. This book was a sweet read Whitney in her words is the stupidest, most hard headed, self destructive woman and Troy was too forgiving With all that Troy had to endure while growing up and the childish acts of Whitney, one would think he would be bitter I think that is would makes this book is Troy s character.This book kept me reading from start to finish 4.5 stars

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