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Right By {author, Free Download Right - by Jana Aston Free Download Right - by Jana Aston - Right, Right My childhood was perfect I ve led a charmed life and I m not going to blow it now by picking the wrong guy I ve got my sights set on my brother s best friend He s known my family for years He s relia

  • Title: Right
  • Author: Jana Aston
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 368
  • Format: ebook

Free Download Right - by Jana Aston, Right, Jana Aston, Right My childhood was perfect I ve led a charmed life and I m not going to blow it now by picking the wrong guy I ve got my sights set on my brother s best friend He s known my family for years He s reliable and kind and handsome Sure he s been avoiding me since I was six I m a bit aggressive for him maybe But he s the one right


Free Download Right - by Jana Aston Free Download Right - by Jana Aston - Right, Right My childhood was perfect I ve led a charmed life and I m not going to blow it now by picking the wrong guy I ve got my sights set on my brother s best friend He s known my family for years He s relia Right

  • Free Download Right - by Jana Aston
    368Jana Aston

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  1. 5 stars I enjoyed Jana s debut novel Wrong, but Right hit all the right buttons for me I completely and utterly LOVED this book It was the perfect mix of funny, heartwarming and sexy Plus it had a few moments that made me feel, which I love Everly Jensen has been in love with her brother s best friend since she was a kid She knew that he was the right guy for her Everly has always gone above and beyond when it s come to getting the man of her dreams, but he never appreciated her eccentric behavi [...]

  2. It s 5.39am, and I just finished reading Right which makes it exactly 3 hours since I completed Wrong I loved WRONG it was funny, the MCs were so so cute together and having met Everly, I couldn t wait to jump headlong into her story.So on to my review Major Spoilers Everly the h has been in love with Finn who is 8 years older since she was 6 and thereon, the trajectory of her life revolved around Finn with the ultimate goal being to become Mrs Finn Finn gets a job as a professor at U Penn and, [...]

  3. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review I like the way he looks at me, like he gets me Like he wants of me Like I interest him There was nothing wrong with Jana Aston s debut book, WRONG right It was sexy, lighthearted, playful, and embarrassingly fun So after we were steered in the wrong direction, Jana decides to steer her readers in the right direction with her newest standalone, RIGHT.Whatever direction Jana takes her readers on whether it s wrong or right, just be sure to k [...]

  4. 4.5 STARS you re so convinced he s the one The right one, yes What a fantastic heroine Jana Aston created in Everly Jensen I haven t read the first book of this series but the synopsis of this one called to me and I had a blast reading it The author guides us through Everly s early hatched plot and plans to marry her brother s best friend, Finn Camden Finn is older but our heroine bides her time plotting and scheming for years He still views me as Eric s little sister Off limits But that will ch [...]

  5. LIVE amzn 1RXC9M8If there was ever a book I was just dying to read it was Right, from the moment I met Everly in Wrong I knew this girl was my soulmate I was worried that Everly s story wouldn t live up to this incredible hype I had built in my head I was so crazy to even think this, because it has completely exceeded my expectations Everly is a planner and she has entire life planned out for the most part She wants her happily ever after and to find a love like her parents have She has seen fir [...]

  6. 4.5 Boots STARSThis was one super fun and sexy read I totally lost track of time and read this in one sitting It was lighthearted with moments that were sad, funny and a whole lot of sexy Jana Aston s second novel had a chick lit feel with one hot swoon worthy Alpha, Sawyer Camden and a spunky, funny heroine, Everly Jensen For those of you who read Wrong, we first met Everly then She was Sophie s smart ass friend who was crushin on her older brother s best friend who was also a professor at her [...]

  7. I was absolutely sucked into Sawyer and Everly s story After Everly s aggressive pursuit of Finn in book one, I thought for sure she would end up with him I was really happy to see her end up with someone just as interesting as her Sawyer was all alpha and he knew Everly was meant for him the second he saw her The plot definitely peaked and kept my attention The characters were dynamic and complex They complimented each other very well in and out of bed I loved seeing the growth, so in Everly a [...]

  8. Loved this one It was very funny and sexy, quick reading Everly was hilarious with her positive attitude and shenanigans Sawyer charmed me with his wooing and allowing Everly to be herself Together they made one hot couple Nice book if you want to be entertained and laugh your ass off And the epilogue from Sawyer s POV was a wonderful cherry on top.

  9. 3.5 Seeing What is In Front of You Stars 1 2There are some people who seem to have come out of the womb fully formed a distinct little person with a will of their own They can have all sorts of personality traitsways sweet and cooingor could be an old soul, patience and willing Or they could come out like gangbustersfull of energy, headstrong and having a tunnel focus on what they want and will do anything to get it When Jana Aston wrote her first book, Wrong little did she know at least she did [...]

  10. 1.5This whole book in one image Ok, nope The chick was an idiot And so was the dude Both of them Gah, where do I even begin The only good thing about this book is that it was fast paced It was a fast read although I did skim a lot, so there s that.So, we ve got this chick who s stalking a guy since she was 6 years old now she s 22 And I mean real stalking, from following him Finn around to breaking into his apartment and buying pets for the two of them , because they love each other He s just to [...]

  11. Looking forward to this Stand alone Friend of heroine inRelease date April 6, 2016.Pre order goo AYxI6LBlurb My childhood was perfect I ve led a charmed life, and I m not going to blow it now by picking the wrong guy.I ve got my sights set on my brother s best friend.He s known my family for years He s reliable and kind and handsome.Sure, he s been avoiding me since I was six I m a bit aggressive for him, maybe.But he s the one right

  12. 3.5 4 Stars Jana Aston delivered an entertaining romantic comedy that will make you smile and grin from beginning until the end A light, sexy and funny read, Right fallows the story of one of the most enjoyable heroine I ve read in a while It s okay to rewrite your happily ever after, Everly Sometimes the right guy is the one you never see coming Our heroine, Everly always knew what she wanted, to marry Finn Camden, her childhood crush and her brother s best friend She s convinced he s the perfe [...]

  13. I liked the writing but Everly was incredibly unlikeable and just plain fucking annoying.

  14. Right is the second novel by Jana Aston and features Everly Jensen who was introduced in Wrong as Sophie s a little out of control co worker and general stalker of the man she decided she was going to marry But is Finn really the right man for her or has she been chasing the fantasy of her six year old self, missing out on something so much I loved this book Everly was so fun and endearing and between the moments when her crazy had me laughing out loud, she snuck in a stole a piece of my heart [...]

  15. Voy a comenzar con esto Bien dicen que para un roto siempre hay un descosido y est historia lo demuestra PERFECTAMENTE.Porque madre m a ni siquiera s cu l de los dos estuvo m s loco.Si ella, en modo acosadoraO l en modo stalkear es investigar con estilo Pero me gustaron, contra todo pron stico, disfrute est historia y me entretuvo que es lo importante No es el novel n de la vida ni la mejor que he le do en mucho tiempo pero est pasable.Es graciosa y gil, al principio la comenc a leer con mucho m [...]

  16. After all those disappointing books, I thought to myself, finally a perfect 5 stars My fingers were itching for the rating part Then that moment happened WHY WHY ME I kept reading with the hope that there would be a nice groveling, at least I m sorry for being a dick and hurting your feelings moment But nada nada So here we are with 4.49 stars rounded down to 4 because fuck you for playing with my hopes that doesn t mean I m not fangirling this author from this moment on, because I definitely do [...]

  17. This second book in the series follows the unexpected romance between Everly and Sawyer Now Everly has been madly in love with her brothers best friend Finn since she was a little girl and has planned her whole life around being his wife the only problem is she didn t plan on Finn s older brother Sawyer stalking her like she has been doing to Finn for years, and she didn t plan on falling in love with him either The story line was interesting and funny, Sawyer is a lovable character and the sex [...]

  18. Jana Aston has done a spectacular job of blending great storytelling with humor and just the perfect amount of sexy to keep those pages turning RIGHT is Romantic Comedy at its very best I fell in love with Everley and the journey of discovering her Mr Right 5 Fabulous Stars

  19. 5 This is the RIGHT book StarsRight is a standalone and isn t part of any series, but there is a character you can find in the author s other book, Wrong, which I equally loved Right is a standalone.Like I said, I loved Wrong I didn t know anything about Jana Aston, except for the raving reviews and my friend begging me to read it I was really surprised that it was her debut novel It was an instant hit for me and so I went into Right with mega high expectations.I wanted to pee in my pants while [...]

  20. DNF 30%I bought this book along with the first one After Wrong turned out to be disastrous, I thought I should at least give this one a try And how I wish I hadn t.Imagine the following situation Your best friend s brother, whom you have known for 15 years, shows interest in you You, because you ve known him for so long and because he s your best friend s brother, trust him and give him your house keys so he has a place to stay He breaks that trust He makes three copies of your keys, just in cas [...]

  21. Everly is so crazy I luv her Everly as had to heart set on Finn her brothers best friend since she was 6 years old she as done some pretty crazy things to get closer to him an some of the things she as done would put her in a mad house but when her mind is set on something or someone she will do anything to get it but then Sawyer Finns brother gives a ride back to her dorm after holidays she is shocked at the way she feels towards him Ye she as dated other people but that was to just get ready t [...]

  22. What she thought was Right turned out to be WrongI read listened to this one fast I didn t mean to, to be honest Audio books are supposed to be my travel to work reads I made the mistake of starting this one on the weekend and next thing I knew it was finishedd I had nothing to listen to for work today.This book was funny, sweet, sexy and a little silly The heroine has been in love with her brother s best friend since she was a little girl She practically threw herself at him on a regular basis [...]

  23. Okay So the heroine is Everly Named after Beverly Cleary That right there is a winner, who didn t love Ramona Quimby as a kid No one, that s who Dear God, it s Me, Margaret is classic And Everly is insane in the best way possible I freaking loved this book I think Everly is awesome I think Sawyer is fantastic I wish I could go back and experience this book again for the first time You can If you haven t already read it And you should.

  24. I definitely waited too long to read these books Everly will go down in history as a favorite heroine Wish I wasn t on deadline or I d binge read the rest of the series.

  25. Despu s del primer libro de esta serie, que me pareci muy malo, no las ten a todas conmigo con el segundo, pero la verdad es que Jana Aston me ha sorprendido para bien De lectura gil y entretenida, me he re do con su pareja principal, que me ha ca do muy bien a pesar de sus momentos de acosadores, o quiz precisamente por eso La segunda parte decae un poco y el final es muy precipitado.

  26. 4.5 Stars So cute I adored this book It was such a feel good, sexy, laugh out loud story that I could barely put down Everly Jensen is one of the funniest most endearing characters I ve read in a long time Everly was like a freight train pretty much unstoppable when she set her mind on something and everyone just either got out of her way or jumped on for the ride not knowing if they d end up in one piece when they got off by everyone loved Everly She had a huge heart if she could just make her [...]

  27. 4,25 STARS It s okay to rewrite your happily ever after, Everly Sometimes the right guy is the one you never see coming.Everly has been in love with Finn since she was six years old My name is Finn I shake his hands and it s settled, in my six year old heart I m going to marry Fin.She did everything she could to win him over She went to Penn where he is working as a professor,stole his keys of his apartment and copy them, also cooked dinner and bought him a new pet, goldfish named Steve Everly, [...]

  28. En realidad un 3,5.El chico perfecto es la segunda parte de la serie Los chicos El primero fue El chico equivocado y aunque no fue nada del otro mundo ten a muchas ganas y curiosidad por leer la historia de Everly, que me llam mucho la atenci n como personaje secundario en la historia de Sophie y Luke Aunque sea segunda parte ya os aviso de que se pueden leer perfectamente de manera independiente Reconozco que est libro me ha gustado bastante m s que el primero, y de ello tiene mucha culpa Everl [...]

  29. Rating 4 BOOTS STARSShort, Quick Review It was a nice read, very entertaining The characters were amazing I love Everly and Sawyer they were made for each other.Few facts 1 I started enjoying the book after page 57.2 view spoiler The break up motivation was too weak for me And the resolution was even weaker I would have liked a little tug and pull, instead of everything resolving so quickly hide spoiler

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