Jun 26, 2022

Carry This Book

Carry This Book By {author, Free Read Carry This Book - by Abbi Jacobson Free Read Carry This Book - by Abbi Jacobson - Carry This Book, Carry This Book From the mind of Broad City s Abbi Jacobson comes this wonderfully weird and weirdly wonderful illustrated look at the world around us all through the framework of the things we carry With bright qui

  • Title: Carry This Book
  • Author: Abbi Jacobson
  • ISBN: 9780735221598
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Read Carry This Book - by Abbi Jacobson, Carry This Book, Abbi Jacobson, Carry This Book From the mind of Broad City s Abbi Jacobson comes this wonderfully weird and weirdly wonderful illustrated look at the world around us all through the framework of the things we carry With bright quirky and colorful line drawings Jacobson brings to life actual and imagined items found in the pockets and purses bags and glove compartments of real and fantastical peopFrom the min

Carry This Book

Free Read Carry This Book - by Abbi Jacobson Free Read Carry This Book - by Abbi Jacobson - Carry This Book, Carry This Book From the mind of Broad City s Abbi Jacobson comes this wonderfully weird and weirdly wonderful illustrated look at the world around us all through the framework of the things we carry With bright qui Carry This Book

  • Free Read Carry This Book - by Abbi Jacobson
    332Abbi Jacobson
Carry This Book

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  1. I have always been intrigued by what people carry around with them It can tell you everything I like how people organize their things, their wallets, their cars, their bags, etc We are curating our worlds almost constantly with the items we choose to bring with us Abbi JacobsonI thoroughly enjoyed this picture book for adults I too am curious about what people prize, and decided to follow Jacobson s advice Open yourself up to looking through people s fake bags and be a voyeur into my colorful la [...]

  2. I picked this as a Librarian Recommendation for my 2017 reading challenge I went in blind, knowing literally nothing Given that, my one star does not indicate it is not a good book for someone else The humor is not my kind of humor and wow, I really didn t enjoy it at all.

  3. I m happy to share an obsession with what people carry around with them with Abbi The love and patience that went into this book is so incredible can you imagine using all those markers I m particularly fond of the Leslie Knope and Ilana Wexler pages Tori, thank you so much for this book, I loved it.

  4. This was just added to my wish list What a cute, fun, insightful book of art I already love Abbi from Broad City of course and I love seeing her combine art and comedy If you re looking for a book to buy that funny pop culture junky in your life this is it.

  5. What a delightful book I thoroughly looked at and enjoyed every single page I feel like Abbi and I would be friends IRL I love her details I envy her style I dig her humor The amount of overlap between the items in our toiletry bags is startling I legit learned important things while reading this book.This was a requested birthday gift last year from my sister.

  6. Fun concept I especially liked looking at everyone s key rings Would be a fun art project to do to get to know kids at the beginning of the school year You are what you carry Draw what s in the bag s you carry every day Would rather do it on the first day of school when bags are cleaner Or project for a literary character Or way to introduce myself to class Or way to encourage inferencing skills.

  7. This fabulous book is on my mental shelf with Maira Kalman s brilliant books The marker art was something I don t see often and I liked it, but didn t love it, but that is a personal preference she did a great job with it

  8. Sometimes cool girls from great TV shows get book deals I m looking at you LENA and they are pretty good but if they were not on a TV show, they would NOT have gotten that book deal and they wouldn t have earned it That said, it s absolutely fine and totally enjoyable that they did get that book deal, and I hope and expect them to improve upon it This doesn t suck, but it s not phenomenal either But Broad City is pretty phenomenal in many ways I do celebrate the cool actively not conventionally [...]

  9. I love knowing what other people have in their purses bags One of my favorite types of videos on YouTube are the what s in my purse bag ones When I saw this book I just had to read it The book wasn t as good as I thought it would be It was actually kind of boring.

  10. Loved the George Costanza page The woke comments induced eye rolls Considering Susan B Anthony despised African Americans I doubt she would have lunch with Frederick Douglass Just sayin.

  11. themaineedge buzz the Abbi Jacobson is one of the funniest women on television she s one of the creators and stars of Comedy Central s acclaimed series Broad City Now, she s brought her comedic sensibility along with her prowess in the visual arts to the literary world.Her new book is Carry This Book Viking, 25 It s a difficult to define work call it a comedic coffee table book or a picture book for grown ups or well, whatever you like It s the sort of project that is uniquely its own, bringing [...]

  12. This is the first picture book I ve reviewed, so I m not really sure what criteria I should be mentioning, looking for, etc Decided to just stick with what I did and didn t like This is the type of book you put on your coffee table to keep your guests busy while you do such and such, whatever It s definitely not for children They would probably enjoy the graphics, but everything else will go straight over their heads Carry This Book has a great concept The author, Abbi Jacobson, is essentially p [...]

  13. This is a charming illustrated what if peek inside the pockets and purses of the famous real and fictional Makes for a delightful coffee table topper or fun gift for a friend who carries much themselves.

  14. Super cute and funny Fans of Broad City will enjoy this The Donald Trump spread was pretty great Not really a graphic novel but not sure where else to shelve it.

  15. Imagine what famous folks Michelle Obama, Martha Stewart, etc carry in their purses or pockets A picture book for adults.

  16. This was really cool I enjoyed going through all the different hand drawn images, though my favorite part was the commentary Abbi left.

  17. Worth ItClever Funny Good artwork A pleasant experience overall I read this via the Kindle app, as I have a Paperwhite It looked vibrant and was easy to read on the app.

  18. I recently read and very much enjoyed Abbi Jacobson s uproarious Carry This Book New York Viking Press, 2016 Jacobson is a trained commercial artist, and, in my opinion, comic mastermind, for she is one of the writers and actors on one of my favorite shows, Broad City Broad City parodies the relationships of well known female buddies such as Lucy and Ethel, Laverne and Shirley, Thelma and Louise, and Oprah and Gail Abbi and her bestie, Ilana s, side splitting chemistry is like that of Max and Ca [...]

  19. It is WAAAY better to see the book in real life than to see just online previews or pictures The drawings and their colors are so gorgeous My job is to read publish worldwide top notch illustrators works and Abbi Jacobson is definitely one of them I laughed out laud several times while reading this book which is very rare in my reading life There are also sincere, heartwarming, inspiring pages I loved every second of reading it.Frankly, I was a bit anxious to buy this book because a I am a huge [...]

  20. A comical musing about the contents of people s bags, this combination of drawings and writing makes you ponder whether or not Elvis Presley carried his favourite Elvis sandwich in a bag, or if artist Banksy carries night goggles My favourite page was dedicated to Donald Trump, whose bag contained the book, Building Walls for Dummies , multiple bottles of build a tan , and a checklist with important reminders like look up these words.l rightsnstruation , and don t hold oranges near face Also enj [...]

  21. I didn t really connect with this book, mostly because I don t spend a lot of time worrying about media popular people and was clueless about a lot of these entries That being said, I love that Abbi has a strange obsession with the items that people carry around with them everyday I find this a wonderful and twisted obsession and she illustrated it for others to enjoy For this reason 3 stars

  22. I didn t realize Abbi Jacobson was an artist like her character in Broad City I was impressed with her details This book contains many drawings of what Abbi imagines celebrities and fictional characters may carry with them in their bags I enjoyed guessing who each bag belonged to and reading her comments about items that she drew for them Many humorous moments as well that made me laugh out loud.

  23. How embarrassing I did not immediately recognize the Ruth Bader Ginsburg spread pg 20 21 Did you I liked this from the Epilogue I remembered that you can find joy in work and life, and if you do it right, they fuel each other like dueling drummers, better and better, one after the other.

  24. Poured a glass of red wine, played the Broad City OST on Spotify and lounged in bed as I perused this clever book with wonderfully simple drawings by one of my favorite comedians role models, Abbi Jacobson Most relaxing and amusing time spent Will keep this book by my bed for when if I m ever feeling down.

  25. Since I have never heard of Abbi Jacobson and am still not sure just who she is probably due to my advanced age , I chose this book simply because I needed one with pictures for my book challenge Cute and clever drawings are close enough, aren t they Especially when they are showing what might be found in the handbag man bag of mostly to me famous people Funny stuff.

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