Jun 26, 2022

Everything All at Once

Everything All at Once By {author, ✓ Everything All at Once ☆ Katrina Leno ✓ Everything All at Once ☆ Katrina Leno - Everything All at Once, Everything All at Once Lottie Reeves has always struggled with anxiety and when her beloved Aunt Helen dies Lottie begins to fear that her own unexpected death might be waiting around every corner Aunt Helen wasn t a typi

  • Title: Everything All at Once
  • Author: Katrina Leno
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Kindle Edition

✓ Everything All at Once ☆ Katrina Leno, Everything All at Once, Katrina Leno, Everything All at Once Lottie Reeves has always struggled with anxiety and when her beloved Aunt Helen dies Lottie begins to fear that her own unexpected death might be waiting around every corner Aunt Helen wasn t a typical aunt She was the author of the best selling Alvin Hatter series about siblings who discover the elixir of immortality Her writing inspired a generation of readers In hLotti

Everything All at Once

✓ Everything All at Once ☆ Katrina Leno ✓ Everything All at Once ☆ Katrina Leno - Everything All at Once, Everything All at Once Lottie Reeves has always struggled with anxiety and when her beloved Aunt Helen dies Lottie begins to fear that her own unexpected death might be waiting around every corner Aunt Helen wasn t a typi Everything All at Once

  • ✓ Everything All at Once ☆ Katrina Leno
    425Katrina Leno
Everything All at Once

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  1. I am truly between a rock and a hard place here.In September, I read this book I loved it so much that I gave it five stars, which I straight up never do.Now, it is January It is well past write this review o clock But there is a Problem.I do not remember this book at all.I know I KNOW There is no way on god s great green earth that a five star read would be so forgettable it would be utterly lost in the cold dusty halls of my brain within 100 days, or whatever But that s where we re at right no [...]

  2. Oh this book was a special little pocket of goodness It perfectly combines contemporary with a smidge of magical realism that just pleases my heart greatly because MAGIC I love magic And this one kind of sneaks up on you, because it s first and foremostly about dealing with grief, anxiety disorders, epic families, slightly mysterious boys, and a whole lot of ice cream As books should be Honestly if a book doesn t have ice cream, what s the point of its face I ASK YOUINGS I LOVED SO MUCH I CAN T [...]

  3. About Everything All At Once is a young adult fiction written by Katrina Leno It will be published on 7 25 17 by HarperTeen, an imprint of HarperCollins, 368 pages The genres are young adult, contemporary, mental illness, and fiction.My Experience I started reading Everything All At Once on 7 12 17 and finished it on 7 15 17 This book is really a great read There were many valid questions that makes me think about life and death I love the characters and plot I love the letters Aunt Helen left b [...]

  4. I expected from this honestly I enjoyed the message the fact that her aunt was a bestselling middle grade author but I wanted a little depth.

  5. I received an advance copy of this book for free Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss I know Aunt Helen is the one who died, but now it kind of feels like I m next This was a YA contemporary story, with a bit of a fantasy twist towards the end.Lottie was an okay character and I felt sorry for her when she had to try and deal with anxiety and panic attacks It was also quite sad that her aunt had died so young The storyline in this was about Lottie receiving 24 letters from her aunt after her aun [...]

  6. Aug 2017 pretty sure someone was cutting onions right next to me the whole time while I was reading the book MANY FEELS, NO WORDS TO WRITE A COHERENT REVIEW RN.

  7. I really enjoyed this book Lottie s aunt has just passed away and now Lottie and her family are trying to deal with the loss Aunt Helen was a famous book author Let s pretend she was like J.K Rowling, but instead she wrote a children s series about immortality and was the biggest selling author etc etc etc.Lottie received letters from her aunt after she died The letters instructed Lottie to take chances and to get out of her comfort zone The letters also told of a secret Aunt Helen was hiding.Th [...]

  8. Every single thing that happens in Everything All at Once is nothing short of amazing It was, simultaneously, too late and too early in the week for all the emotions that this book made me feel.It was so easy, almost effortless, to relate to Lottie So many little things and big things about life and loss and death and family and siblings and friendship to relate to ENDLESS LOVE FOR THIS BOOK LIKE HOW IS SUCH PERFECTION EVEN REAL.Lastly, there are so, so many words just dedicated to books and rea [...]

  9. This was all sorts of perfect I love that Katrina Leno s books are 100% relatable and 0% cheesy She never cures her characters She lets them grow while still being themselves, and they re always wonderful This is a very emotional book, and I read it at exactly the right wrong time, which only made my feelings while reading it that much intense Also A for all the book love

  10. Books can make you live a thousand different lifetimes, a thousand different lives Books can make you immortal Everything At At Once is a beautifully moving story of grief and finding happiness when you feel like there is none left Following letters from her recently passed aunt, Lottie Reeves grows in courage and boldness in this fun and engaging contemporary with a bonus scavenger hunt feel Things I Liked Lottie and her family are charming and create a warm atmosphere that easily invites you i [...]

  11. I was so excited for this book and maybe that s why I m really disappointed I just am so angry at the ending that I don t even want to talk about it I just can t deal with the ending I wasted my time with this book and I don t say that about every book I read I was so excited to read it but then it just got ridiculous The ending is just ridiculous and I can t understand the fantasy being added It was so good until the author revealed Sam s secret The characters were too perfect and their was no [...]

  12. This sounds exactly like my sort of thing I need it so bad.10 12 16 WE HAVE A COVER facebook katrinalenob7 10 2017 I received an ARC in the mail today and now, five hours later, have finished it.It s going to take a while to find all the right words for what this book means to me For now, I ll simply say that this is one of those books I wish I d written.

  13. I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW This book was so amazing and hit me so close to home Much like Lottie, I was close to my grandmother the same way she was with her aunt All of her emotions and grief I felt deeply while reading this and there were parts that really gut punched me at the most random times.This book made me cry I rarely cry over books and I choked up quite a few times and kinda lost it at the end SO MANY EMOTIONS.The characters were all so wonderful I really love the way that Katr [...]

  14. I was one of the few people who actually loved Katrina Leno s first book, The Half Life of Molly Pierce and I was so happy when I saw Everything All at Once was getting a lot of positive reviews I knew I had to read it And it didn t disappoint Leno delivers a moving story about extremely caring and lovely family, their grief over loosing one of their members and mental illness You could feel the love they share for each other I wanted to be a part of their dynamic I was surprised with the magica [...]

  15. This book wasn t at all what I expected This in a good way, don t worry It was still a 3.5, not a full 4 star because the author was so daring with her planning that she could have written this with a bang I m sure the idea had potential to become a real classic.Still, I m sure most YA readers would enjoy this Because it s different but it s not too weird Thus, it s very easy to like and unlikely to forget.It all starts with the death of Lottie s beloved aunt, and her will She was some JK Rowli [...]

  16. Aunt Helen always said if you really wanted to get to know someone, take them to a bookstore You can tell a lot about a person based on how they behave around books.This was such a surprise I genuinely didn t even know this book existed until I saw it on the new shelf at the Teens section in my university library, and I was interested, well, because I liked the title I liked the idea of a girl finding little missions in letters written by her dead aunt And how the missions could also mean little [...]

  17. 3.5 StarsMy Thoughts Quick, easy to read Accurate representation of anxiety A VERY little romance The book didn t need it at all, actually I understood and liked Lottie a lot than I thought I would I love that the characters are book lovers themselves The synopsis is somewhat misleading The dares are meant to help Lottie get out of her comfort zone, so they re not anything extreme, like it suggests I didn t like the ending The elements of fantasy in the plot twist really bothered me view spoile [...]

  18. This is a one of a kind story that surprised me in the best way possible Forgiveness, letting go and learning about yourself are set in the forefront of a book about death and the nature of living.Lottie is so relatable and her family and friends are hilarious and fleshed out I m so glad Helen wasn t some perfect character either she comes complete with flaws and vices The end couldn t have been perfect.Highly recommended.

  19. Originally posted at iliveforreading 2Everything All at Once was a contemporary that I was desperate to read it popped up everywhere on my book social media, and there was no escaping it I mean, I love books where there s a list of things to do after someone s gone, because it allows for self discovery, as well as secrets to surface Finally I decided to just go ahead and read it skipping a lot of my TBR pile to do so as well , and I m glad that I enjoyed it I liked The Half Life of Molly Pierce, [...]

  20. While I really loved Katrina Leno s The Lost and Found, I don t even have words to describe what I felt for Everything All at Once I wasn t even planning on reading it right away when it arrived, but then I read the first page and I couldn t put it down I dropped the other book I was reading so that I could devour this one It s got the blend of contemporary and magical realism that I love so much perfected into a delicious morsel of goodness The entire book has you second guessing reality just e [...]

  21. I think this novel started out amazing I loved the concept Lottie s aunt, Helen, passes away earlier than most were expecting I related to Lottie a lot with regards to losing someone you love when you aren t ready Aunt Helen also happens to be a well known author of a children s fantasy series, which the author has included excerpts of the novels between chapters I loved this aspect of the novel I also loved that Aunt Helen planned ahead and wrote Lottie a bunch of letters to read after she pass [...]

  22. 3.5I hated the fact that we never find out all thebuts, whys, and hows of Sam s immortality I understandthat the book was not about the supernaturalaspect, but rather about grief, anxiety, and overcomingthe passing of a loved one However, I felt cheated thatwe never find out if Sam returns to normal by drinkingthe water again or what is really going to happenbetween Lottie and him I got the feeling that the only reason they were together was because Sam was lonely and Lottiewas vulnerable The mo [...]

  23. I ve been pacing my house for the last thirty minutes saying, How am I POSSIBLY going to review this book accurately good advice from the boyfriend just sit down and write it already And now I ve written, deleted, written, deleted about seventeen times because I m so twitterpated over this marvel of a book To paraphrase a certain bookish eighth grader who just so happens to be currently reading Everything All at Once , I would DIE for this book.I saw myself in the protagonist, Lottie, from the g [...]

  24. Both deep and surprising, connected really well to the protagonist Wasn t able to put it down til I finished it at 4am and yes I had class in the morning

  25. I loved this It was beautiful and page turning and I couldn t stop reading It really addressed a lot of important questions while still being light hearted and sweet.

  26. Okay, first off view spoiler there was indeed someone immortal consider my tables flipped hide spoiler Not that that really needs to be censored because it becomes painfully obvious at about 35% of the way in I liked the idea of this book In the beginning, I found the combination of the idea plus the sufficiency of the character authorial voice enough to keep me going But at about 30 40% I begin to have my suspicions about some things and over 50% it was a bit of a grind I kept at because it was [...]

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