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Just Fine with Caroline

Just Fine with Caroline By {author, [PDF] Just Fine with Caroline | by ↠ Annie England Noblin [PDF] Just Fine with Caroline | by ↠ Annie England Noblin - Just Fine with Caroline, Just Fine with Caroline From the author of Sit Stay Speak comes a tender terrific novel complete with long buried secrets a three legged pot belly pig and an irresistible dog an unforgettable story about love friendship

  • Title: Just Fine with Caroline
  • Author: Annie England Noblin
  • ISBN: 9780062465634
  • Page: 194
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Just Fine with Caroline | by ↠ Annie England Noblin, Just Fine with Caroline, Annie England Noblin, Just Fine with Caroline From the author of Sit Stay Speak comes a tender terrific novel complete with long buried secrets a three legged pot belly pig and an irresistible dog an unforgettable story about love friendship and community Perfect for fans of Mary Kay Andrews and Mary Alice Monroe Caroline O Connor never dreamed she d be back home in Cold River Missouri the Ozark Mountain toFrom

Just Fine with Caroline

[PDF] Just Fine with Caroline | by ↠ Annie England Noblin [PDF] Just Fine with Caroline | by ↠ Annie England Noblin - Just Fine with Caroline, Just Fine with Caroline From the author of Sit Stay Speak comes a tender terrific novel complete with long buried secrets a three legged pot belly pig and an irresistible dog an unforgettable story about love friendship Just Fine with Caroline

  • [PDF] Just Fine with Caroline | by ↠ Annie England Noblin
    194Annie England Noblin
Just Fine with Caroline

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  1. Just Fine with Caroline by Annie England Noblin is a 2016 William Morrow Paperbacks publication The story sets the stage for future installments, which could be interesting.I enjoyed Just Fine with Caroline well enough to continue on with the series to see how it fleshes out from here.Overall, this is an enjoyable novel I recommended it for fans of chick lit, women s fiction and contemporary romance.This review is the copyrighted property of Night Owl Reviews To read the full review, click on th [...]

  2. Favorite Quotes I figure it s a little bit like telling Jesus no, you know I figure he s got a direct line to Jesus, and tellin him no is like punchin Jesus in the face.Reese Graham wanted a woman to stay home and iron his clothes while he had a woman somewhere else to iron, well, other things Caroline would sooner die.In one swift movement, Hazel slapped the side of her son s head so hard that a wad of tobacco came flying out of his mouth and landed in the middle of the bowl of peaches with a s [...]

  3. Novel received courtesy of First Reads GiveawayI ve never read a Cold River novel before but I ll be looking for Yes, it was a happily ever after book It had wonderfully developed characters It touched on many current issues The setting of the Ozark Mountains became almost like another character with the heat, humidity, forests and caves The main character, Caroline, loves gangster stories from the 20 s and 30 s and the Ozark Mountains hid many of them I would encourage those of you who, hate l [...]

  4. This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksI was looking for a book that was a little different A break from the angst of the books I normally read JUST FINE WITH CAROLINE fit that bill.The story centers around Caroline, a 25 year old who finds herself back home helping her father with her mother with Alzheimer s Caroline always thought she d come back home, but she figured she d do it on her own terms and living her own dreams Now that she s back, she s trying to figure out who she [...]

  5. Caroline is trying to be just fine but things are a bit dramatic in her life right now.She is 25, she moved back home during her college years because her mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer s Her friends are getting married and having families and Caroline is living with her parents again and running her parents bait shop.She has some close friends and a potential new love interest Each with their own dramas, Court suffers from an unrequited love and an obligation to care for his widowed father, A [...]

  6. Just Fine With Caroline reminds me a lot of the movie Sweet Home Alabama not in its plot or anything but in its characters and its style and its rhythm And thinking of Noah as Josh Lucas is just fine with me The characters are definitely vivid, and the cadence of their dialogue is smart and sassy Even in the serious moments, there s just something likable about most of these characters that keeps you smiling.Despite its apparent lightheartedness, Just Fine with Caroline actually deals with some [...]

  7. Our fair heroine, Caroline, has curly red hair, freckles, and a gap between her teeth Though she be but little, she is fierce She fishes, hangs out with her best friend and her cousin, and runs her mother s bait shop.You might say she is staying at home to help her father take care of her mother, who has ever worsening dementia That would be true It would be just as true to say that she is stuck in a holding pattern, grieving the loss of her still living parent, and unsure of what to do next The [...]

  8. I received this book from Library Thing to read and honestly review Caroline O Connor has returned home to Cold River, Missouri, a small Ozark Mountain town, where her parents live, to help with care of her mother Her mother is suffering from Alzheimer s Her father, the town doctor, has retired and works part time at a town clinic, frustrated he cannot stop the spreading illness in his wife In addition, Caroline has a close cousin Ava Dawn, who is in the middle of a predictable marriage meltdown [...]

  9. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review This did NOT affect my honest review Thanks William Morrow Just Fine with Caroline is a sweet novel full of hope, friendships, family, secrets, and an adorable dog This review may seem a little vague at times, but keep in mind that I didn t want to give away any spoilers.I liked Caroline right from the start She is a strong woman who is going through a tough time Her mom has Alzheimer s so Caroline moved back home to help out her pa [...]

  10. Just Fine with Caroline is the first book in the author s new Cold River series, set in a small town in the Ozarks The small town setting and quirky characters are the main attraction in this story The romance is there, but it s really all about those characters, relationships, and interactions that you can really only find in a small town I think a lot of people can identify with Caroline She s a very likable character, and she really always tries to do the right thing for everyone she cares ab [...]

  11. I picked up this book based on the Blurb and the beautiful cover I was shocked by how much I enjoyed this one This story is based around a small town in the Ozarks It s a story about a girl Caroline who comes home to help out her family In the middle of this town where everyone knows your business and the rumors fly high There are a lot of secrets and undiscovered truths she will uncover This book has everything I love in a contemporary romance It has a girl struggling to come into her own, caug [...]

  12. Eh It s chick lit not my normal genre Seemed like the author tried to throw in way too many book ideas, and most of them didn t go anywhere.

  13. 3.5I bought this because of the cute Leonberger puppy on the front cover I thought this would be a cute dog story It wasn t The dog was not a prominent character and only mentioned in passing However, I think this is the first time I ve read a book that I thought was a dog book and wasn t, that I enjoyed it This was like stepping back into the rural community I grew up in I enjoyed the characters, the setting and the premise As far as fluff books go, Caroline was a likeable main character I felt [...]

  14. Caroline O Connor may think that things are just fine in her world, but the arrival of Noah Cranwell, kin to one of the most mysterious families in Cold River, might just change that In Just Fine with Caroline, author Annie England Noblin weaves a complex tale of love and loss, betrayal and redemption Her characters are sympathetic and highly relatable human to the core Every day life in Cold River comes alive in vivid detail Having grown up in rural Montana, a state that shares in common with [...]

  15. There are many things about this book that hit home for me I live in rural Missouri, a close family member deals with the tragedy of Alzheimer s, and I grew up fishing So, when approached to read JUST FINE WITH CAROLINE, I jumped at the chance and I wasn t disappointed.The story contains all the standard family issues that we see every day in our neighborhoods and towns but there is a deeper sensitivity to those issues in the book that I haven t seen in other books with similar plots We all know [...]

  16. I won Just Fine With Caroline A Cold River Novel by Annie England Noblin from.Secrets and sacrifice shape the town of Cold River, Missouri, in Annie England Noblin s novel, Just Fine With Caroline As protagonist Caroline O Connor uncovers secrets kept by the residents of her small town, including her own family, she realizes that many of her tightly held beliefs are wrong As she struggles to adjust, the world around her continues too change, bringing about danger, jog, and a helping of self disc [...]

  17. This is a new to me author and the first book in a series Caroline lives in small town Cold River, Missouri She moves back home to help her father take care of her mother that has Alztimer s disease She helps out running the bait shop Then she meets Noah Cranwell There are many rumors about the Cranwells Noah has just moved back to the area and reopening the family business Noah really likes Caroline but can Caroline be able to open her heart to him It was a cute, quick read I would be intereste [...]

  18. Once I got time to get into this novel I could not put it down Once again Annie England Noblin did not disappoint and this book was fabulous I could picture myself in the scenes with Caroline and I had opinions about how she was behaving or acting which is always a good sign This book was fast paced and entertaining The characters were extremely well developed and I wasn t ready to be done reading this book when it was over I cannot wait for the next one.

  19. I don t know how I came to find this book on my Kindle but I m glad because I don t normally read books from this genre I found this such an easy read with likable mostly characters and just a little mystery with a happy ending which emotionally, I usually need While this is my first book by this author, I would love to read by her.

  20. I received this book through the First Reads program.A fun, light hearted romance set in the Ozarks of Missouri the author captures all of the nuances that make this such a beloved area of the country cute, quick read.

  21. Better the second time I read this book so quickly the first time, I had re read it I am so glad I did I enjoyed the book probably the second time I can t wait for her next book I absolutely adore this author

  22. Fast read, not exactly a dog book, but enjoyable all the same I wonder if the environment, people, and activities is an accurate reflection of a certain part of Missouri Ms Noblin is an entertaining writer and so I will continue to look for and read her books

  23. I usually don t read a book like this, but I needed something positive and light I have read so many dark and depressing books about war and child abuse that this book was a welcomed relief.

  24. Caroline needs help I liked the characters until Caroline went so ballistic over some of the secrets Seemed like a 16 year old than a 25 year old Light reading.

  25. I really enjoyed this book The storyline and characters are easy to relate to I really like the references and facts the author included about the history of the Ozarks where I live.

  26. This is light reading chick lit, not something I usually read I found it simple and totally predictable The characters seemed unreal and stereotypical I won t be reading the sequel.

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