Aug 19, 2022

The Fixes

The Fixes By {author, [PDF] The Fixes | by è Owen Matthews [PDF] The Fixes | by è Owen Matthews - The Fixes, The Fixes Five Eric Connelly is about to combust Four His senator father is forcing him to spend the entire summer working a mind numbing law firm internship He won t stop lecturing him about the importance of

  • Title: The Fixes
  • Author: Owen Matthews
  • ISBN: 9780062336897
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] The Fixes | by è Owen Matthews, The Fixes, Owen Matthews, The Fixes Five Eric Connelly is about to combust Four His senator father is forcing him to spend the entire summer working a mind numbing law firm internship He won t stop lecturing him about the importance of upholding the Connelly name He doesn t know the definition of blowing off steam But he s about to find out Because Eric is ready to blow Three Then Eric meets Jordan GFive Eric Connelly is a

The Fixes

[PDF] The Fixes | by è Owen Matthews [PDF] The Fixes | by è Owen Matthews - The Fixes, The Fixes Five Eric Connelly is about to combust Four His senator father is forcing him to spend the entire summer working a mind numbing law firm internship He won t stop lecturing him about the importance of The Fixes

  • [PDF] The Fixes | by è Owen Matthews
    262Owen Matthews
The Fixes

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  1. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss This is a story about a boy s first crush, and how it blew up in his face.And all of its explosive consequences This was a contemporary story, about a group of teens who wanted to fix things they deemed wrong This town needs fixing, Jordan tells Eric And we re the only people who can see it Eric came across as quite a sensible character, and it seemed a little odd how he allowed [...]

  2. My initial and only thought after finishing this book HOLY CRAP I really have no idea why barely anyone talks about this book because it s honestly so phenomenal The Fixes is about Eric Connelly and his three friends, who take it upon themselves to fix the town they live in, through a series of illegal acts All seemingly harmless up until they aren t I really really really enjoyed this book This book was so strange and dark and intense It is completely unique and completely hilarious and had suc [...]

  3. The Fixes was like Heathers in novel form, with the same tone very fun, black comedy, and I really enjoyed it Eric gets sucked into a group called the Suicide Pack, which aims to right the wrongs within a town filled with rich, privileged kids The problem This is usually done through crime, and even though Eric buys into the glamour and the group leader, Jordan s affections things go horribly wrong So this was a blast to read and it was very short, despite the page count being long most of the c [...]

  4. I ve said it before, but I ll say it again I fucking love Heathers It s not only my favorite dark comedy, it s my favorite high school movie as well as one of my favorite movies in general I consider it one of the best dark comedies out there in the world, so I was really excited for this book when I heard it described as Godfather meets Heathers with a Gossip Girl style narrator who s gay This book was practically tailor made for me and I freaking loved every bit of it.Eric Connelly is the son [...]

  5. This was a quirky read, and I received a digital copy of this from edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.The obvious thing to say with this is it twists and turns, a lot The idea behind the Suicide Pack is a curious one, but it all gets very serious very quickly.On the whole I found this entertaining, but I did sense it was all trying to be just a little clever at times.

  6. I am really on the fence with this Definitely Veronica Mars meets Heathers but with a Gossip Girl style narrator and a coming to terms with the m c s homosexuality I m sending it to camp with my 13 and 14 year old boys and see what they and their bunkmates think of it trialbyfire UPDATE So, the 13 year old initially said he really liked this book Then he backtracked to say that he didn t think the fourth wall breaking narrator was as well executed as in other books he d read paging Adam Gidwitz [...]

  7. Interesting use of the fourth wall to telegraph what might happen in the story, but fortunately things turned out better than I hoped in the somewhat dark novel about a shy introverted boy falling in love with a charismatic psychopath see Fight Club.

  8. THE FIXES by Owen Matthews is a fast paced, entertaining read, full of lots of twists and turns We follow the story of Eric or E son of a senator and the ultimate smart goody two shoes He meets Jordan who is pretty much his complete opposite and gets drawn into a group called the Suicide Pack This is a group of rich, bored kids who are trying to seek vengeance on their town for whatever they ve deemed as wrong or shallow What starts out as relatively harmless pranks and teenage rebellion, quickl [...]

  9. ARC Review 8 7 16, received from Sarah Prineas The Fixes pretty much flatlined from the first section that I read Although I do like the narration style and the gossipy way in which it s told complete with short chapters and interruptions like a QA and an abridged version of a speech , the characters feel dull and the whole thing feels watered down and not as engaging as I would like It s a shame, really, because this does have potential Maybe this would work better in first person or if it felt [...]

  10. Q Okay, why are you making me read about some dork who can t have any fun A I promise you, Eric s going to have fun He just doesn t know it yet The Fixes was downright insane.For a while I was laughing my butt off Then things took a sharp turn into horror territory and I found myself holding my breath, as ridiculous as the whole book was.I couldn t understand how there was so much immaturity in this book From cringy puns to using hashtags, the book felt fairly relatable in a young adult point of [...]

  11. The Fixes, by Owen Matthews was a unique book The writing style was very surprising, but I found that I enjoyed it after reading of the book The plot of this book is simple but still interesting Eric later E has done everything to make his father, who wants Eric to one day go on to become president, proud Eric is a good student, even making it up to Student of the Year However, he meets Jordan, who changes Eric for the worse or for the better forever Jordan and his team, which includes Haley an [...]

  12. This book is interesting There are definitely some things I like about it It was fast paced and, while I didn t enjoy it, I also couldn t put it down Matthews has a tight, concise style I found it amusing that this story was so loosely situated in Vancouver probably West Van, given that this is where the rich and powerful live But the characters were hard to believe and extremely hard to care about The premise that some rich white kids are going to protest the treatment of homeless people by sto [...]

  13. I enjoyed the fresh glib tone until it started to grate The author insisted in intruding into the narrative with things like of course I m foreshadowing now There is so much energy and talent here, so why are the characters so flat, the story so preposterous, everyone so unappealing The location is a kind of Vancouver, except not really, so this is really distracting if you happen to know the actual city of Vancouver Even the names of minor characters were Vancouver shout outs, like Seymour and [...]

  14. overall interesting i got about 60% of the way through and considered stopping, but kept with it, and the ending did end up being decent oftentimes felt like the characters spoke and acted like caricatures of what the author felt teenagers should be, do, etc instead of like actual people, which was vaguely irritating, and definitely detracted from the tone of what was otherwise a fairly serious book authors please never put hashtags in your novels, they re not meant to be used like that probably [...]

  15. This was pretty good Although the ending was very similar to Heathers, the rest of it was fun enough to get to that point I like that it wasn t just vague Robin Hooding but they talked about his dad s neoliberal views even if they didn t go in too deep I m glad their sloppiness got them caught because I feel like other teen crime books ignore stuff like that I guess I liked how he got his friends back and a new boyfriend even if well, yeah This was well written It went by quickly, the humor and [...]

  16. A SUPER QUICK READ If you don t get as distracted as I do , I LOVED THIS BOOK Hands down, not only is it one of my new favorite books, but I was so sad to have it end But every story has to I found it to be like a mix of Heathers, The Bling Ring a bit like Liars, Inc I cannot recommend this enough The writing style is so different to what I m used to that it made the book that much enjoyable The character development was incredible, especially those in The Pack Personally, I thought my favorite [...]

  17. It was a really quick read in like 2 to maybe 4 days But it was a fantastic book and I thouroghly enjoyed it I can truly say I have had anxiety about a book I mean I was on the edge of my seat reading some of this book Reading this book I was absolutely in love But also it gave you an eye opening experience to how rich people actually act How people who are so privilege feel like they can just money their way out of trouble with the law.

  18. This book tells the story of a weak willed boy unwittingly falls in love with a manipulative psychopath and decides to throw away his very promising future and become a teenage terrorist accomplice He gets disowned and goes to jail in the end, if you were wondering.A 500 page book with a new chapter literally every other page and paragraphs written in a curious format, this book is certainly not unpleasant to read, but it s not exactly enjoyable, either.

  19. Personally, I love this kind of writing The short chapters help me read a lot in such a short time and keep me reading This novel was pretty good Very suspenseful and entertaining It was interesting to read the changes as Eric became E then went back to Eric again The characters were all relatable maybe except for Jordan and I felt myself rooting for them during the SuicidePack and after Good book.

  20. Challenge a book about a difficult subject maybe pushing it a bit, but it deals with peer pressure, parent pressure and a few other topics I picked this from the Blind Date with a Book program.

  21. I loved the way this book was written, it was fun and different From beginning to end this book was fast paced and a very fun ride to be on.

  22. The Fixes is like trash tv that you can t look away from A page turner of the first order, it the story of four spoiled wealthy teenagers Jordan, Eric, Paige and Haley just out of high school who under the leadership of uber rich Jordan form The Suicide Pack where they challenge each other to apply fixes to what they envision needs correcting in their own rarified world of money and self indulgence They amplify and broadcast what they are doing via social media, posting tantalizing hints of thei [...]

  23. The rich folks of Capilano need fixing and the Suicide Squad is just the crew to take care of it But as the exploits escalate, the newest member, Eric, tries to decide just how far he ll go.What a deliciously seductive format for this novel There were very short chapters the longest one was two pages with an intoxicating narrator that made sure I kept turning those pages Add in a dose of enticing characters and a devious mix of pranks and you are left with one heck of a page turner.

  24. At the Pacific Center mall there had been a robbery in a high end department storeThe 4 members of the HS Capilano Suicide Pack Kik are Eric E Connelly son, rich kid , Jordan Grant rich kid , Paige Alexander McQueen Hammond , rich kid , Haley Keefer rich kid.E got fired from his internship at Hartley, Hock, Brent HH B law firm.Senator Connelly dad was not happy with him at all Mrs Connelly mom was not pleased but a little understanding Now he has started to work for Liam who runs the Railtown H [...]

  25. I m so angry at this book Seriously So angry This is a book about rich, privileged teenagers being absolute assholes to other people, and attempting to justify it because they have daddy issues, and sister envy, and fears of being forgotten by people or being unloved This is a book about four incredibly unlikable douchebags who steal and lie and hurt people because they feel like they re modern day Robin Hoods, and carry around superiority complexes bigger than Jupiter And it s all compounded by [...]

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