Jun 26, 2022

Fatal Frost

Fatal Frost By {author, Fatal Frost Best Download || [Nancy Mehl] Fatal Frost Best Download || [Nancy Mehl] - Fatal Frost, Fatal Frost Mehl Ramps Up the Suspense in This Brand New U S Marshals SeriesMercy Brennan followed in her father s footsteps in a law enforcement career but she has no interest in any other connection to him A U

  • Title: Fatal Frost
  • Author: Nancy Mehl
  • ISBN: 9780764217777
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback

Fatal Frost Best Download || [Nancy Mehl], Fatal Frost, Nancy Mehl, Fatal Frost Mehl Ramps Up the Suspense in This Brand New U S Marshals SeriesMercy Brennan followed in her father s footsteps in a law enforcement career but she has no interest in any other connection to him A U S Marshal in St Louis Missouri she s assigned to a joint task force with the St Louis PD that puts her back into contact with her father and in the sights of St LouisMehl Ramps Up the S

Fatal Frost

Fatal Frost Best Download || [Nancy Mehl] Fatal Frost Best Download || [Nancy Mehl] - Fatal Frost, Fatal Frost Mehl Ramps Up the Suspense in This Brand New U S Marshals SeriesMercy Brennan followed in her father s footsteps in a law enforcement career but she has no interest in any other connection to him A U Fatal Frost

  • Fatal Frost Best Download || [Nancy Mehl]
    449Nancy Mehl
Fatal Frost

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  1. About this book Following in her absentee father s footsteps in a law enforcement career, U.S Marshal Mercy Brennan has just recovered from being shot in the line of duty And, unbeknownst to her, her father s recent reappearance in her life has put her in the sights of St Louis s most powerful gang Her boss assigns Deputy U.S Marshal Mark St Laurent Mercy s ex boyfriend to get her out of town until her safety can be guarantee.Unaware of the extent her boss and Mark have been keeping her in the d [...]

  2. This book was very interesting Mercy Brennan, the MC, captured my interest at the beginning She was a very complex character Mark St Laurent, the other MC, fell a little short in my opinion He was very sweet, but didn t have the same complexity that Mercy had, and I missed that Overall, the characters were interesting, but I never truly connected with them I personally love character driven stories, so this was a little disappointing for me in that regard The storyline was well thought out, and [...]

  3. I like suspense, and since I ve read one other by this author, I was interested to see how this one would be Sadly, it fell short for me Lots of trite expression, predictable scenes, and characters that I couldn t sympathize with This is a clean book, with romance that was quite minimal Some good spiritual content, with mentions of conversions and a possible salvation toward the end although it wasn t clear.In the middle I was a little interested, especially with the one main snow scene, but ev [...]

  4. RATING 3 STARS I received an ARC from the PUBLISHER via NETGALLEY Review Not on Blog This is my first novel by Nancy Mehl, and I am undecided if I will read I found the characters were okay and the story line was predictable This book is also tagged as a Christian book, and there are few mentions of God, but doesn t really have much to do wth the story or novel.

  5. Previous books by Nancy Mehl have focused on Mennonite or Amish communities interacting amongst those in secular communities and often laced with a strong element of suspense In Fatal Frost Mehl steps firmily into the suspense genre aligning her characters in the U.S.Marshal camp and with the world of protection, gang bashers, and drug cartels.I say this is a good fit for Mehl s talents as she takes the reader into the corruption that drugs, murder, and ill gained money place characters As the t [...]

  6. I ve kept seeing the books by Nancy Mehl appear in my book recommendations on , but until this book, I d never read anything of hers I knew going in to expect a romantic suspense book, but beyond that, I didn t know what to expect I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised This book started off fast and kept going The action alone kept me interested I did find that the characters didn t seem to be quite as well developed as I m used to, but that could be that this is the first in a series I [...]

  7. This novel covers the parallel journeys of the protagonist the journey to bring cartel members to justice and the journey to find God and His will for her life The author does a great job in intertwining the two, and keeping the reader involved Just when I thought we were approaching the end, another crisis point was reached And although I wondered at first how the title came about, by the time I d turned the last page of the novel I felt as though I needed a jacket Well done.

  8. Nancy Mehl like you ve never read her before And I m lovin it I ve always enjoyed the way this author spins a suspenseful tale but until Fatal Frost all those mysteries have involved quaint Old Order Mennonite towns and while I loved that aspect of series like Harmony, Road to Kingdom and Finding Sanctuary, I am over the moon about this new, hard hitting law enforcement centred series.Fatal Frost just the title sends a shiver up your spine, doesn t it And brrr, curl up in front of a fire with a [...]

  9. It s hard to believe that in my four and a half years of reviewing books I have only read one other book by Nancy Mehl the first book in her Road to Kingdom series which I loved and have been wanting to read of her books, but other books just kept taking priority But when I heard about this new series, I knew I had to read it And I am beyond thrilled to say that I loved this book from beginning to end It did have a bit of a different feel to it than other romantic suspense books I ve read but I [...]

  10. This story reads like the headlines, something we have been reading about and watching almost on a daily basis, and ironically it takes place around St Louis, MO Once that cover is turned on this book, you won t be happy until the last page is turned Mercy Brennan is a U.S Marshall and along with her former boyfriend Mark, and her best friend are sent on a mission to help a witness protection having problems, or so they are told If you enjoy a book with non stop action, you will not be disappoin [...]

  11. I started reading Fatal Frost by Nancy Mehl on my iPhone while I waited for a friend to finish shopping, and I really wanted the friend to keep shopping The story grabs you by the throat and holds on to the end Mercy Brennan was the frost in the story, a woman so hurt by events in her past that she couldn t relate to others Watching her grow was very rewarding And Mark St Laurent can save me anytime He was the perfect hero And the tension let s just say I didn t get to sleep until after midnight [...]

  12. First, the disclaimer I was provided a free copy of this book All opinions are my own That done, FATAL FROST is the first book in Ms Mehl s newest series and it is definitely an edge of your seat reading experience In the first few pages we are introduced to the gang ridden streets of the inner city of St Louis an area where you don t go with your car doors unlocked And even where you don t stop at traffic lights if you see gangs loitering around Sadly, the recent opinion of law enforcement is f [...]

  13. A terrible storm with snow, ice, and freezing temperatures are awful enough to deal with but Mercy and Mark have drug cartel members after them Mercy has something they want and they ll do anything to retrieve it Mercy and Mark have had a previous relationship together but it s over so that creates further complications to the entire ordeal What will they do to remain alive and they have another agent with them and they have never met him before Can they trust him I love suspense novels and this [...]

  14. The main characters in Fatal Frost are very well developed, and I loved all three of them They are very different personalities, but with roles that attract the reader s attention Their relationships are connected to the past Although Mark and Mercy are no longer connected by their past love for one another they find they can work together when life gets tough.Descriptive and pictorial, as well as frightful scenes take the reader to the location, and draw the reader into the plot This is one unp [...]

  15. First time reading this author but I enjoyed her writing style in this book The story engaged me right away and kept me interested even though I did guess one part of it Plan on looking up others to see how they are.

  16. I loved this book I like how Mercy is so headstrong and how she refuses to give in I like how Mark still loves her and how he would give his life to protect her I am glad that Tally was okay and did not die I like how they caught Angel and the cartel, and how nobody was severely injured I hate how Jess turned out to be Angel and how two people working for the police were actually spies I rate this a five star book.

  17. Wow This was a great read Very action packed I could do with a LOT LESS bloodshed and details but I understand how it might make the storyline believable I truly enjoyed Mercy s awakening to God s love and protection Things in life don t always turn out the way we think they should However, what matters most is having faith and trust in the One who knows all He always brings his people through to victory This story is a great reminder of this.

  18. Nancy never disappoints This book is full of action and suspense You keep turning the pages and don t want to put it down Mercy Brennan is a no nonsense U.S Marshal who doesn t trust easily She buries herself in her work to avoid reality If you get past the wall around her heart, you will find it is made of gold The marshals race against time to bring down a drug cartel that is trying to destroy their city Her father is killed because he refuses to give up something the cartel wants He puts Merc [...]

  19. When I read a romantic suspense novel, I expect to be taken on a wild and thrilling journey with a hint of romance filtered in the pages I m not that familiar with Nancy Mehl s writing, but the cover grabbed my attention and a story with a girl running from something in the dead of night catches my attention I am an avid reader of mysteries and romantic suspense, so I know what to expect With harrowing characters, some in the law enforcement agencies, mixed with a touch of romance trying to solv [...]

  20. Fatal Frost begins with a bang literally as U.S Marshal Mercy Brennan is injured in a drug raid The rapid pace of the novel continues throughout the book, which kept me on the edge of my seat as I read.The suspense aspect of Fatal Frost is excellent I was constantly questioning who could and could not be trusted In a couple cases, I figured out who was untrustworthy fairly quickly, but I don t think the author was necessarily trying to keep it a secret That even added to the tension as I read be [...]

  21. I have not read many of Nancy Mehl s books, but each one that I have read has taken me on an adventure that I loved This book is no different I love suspense novels and this is book has spine tingling suspense that I couldn t put down From the first page I was immediately drawn into the story which takes place in Missouri This story centers around US Marshal Mercy Brennan Mercy is shot during an undercover sting and saved by the one person she trusts, her childhood friend Tally who is currently [...]

  22. In one word BRILLIANT This book was incredibly brilliant The characters were well defined and they seemed to come alive from the pages You come to care about them as the pages fly by You can sit there reading and realize eventually uh oh I haven t eaten I better go get something ready Your stomach is kind of funny that way This is a story about Mercy, whose father was a member of the gang task force him and mercy met for lunch and she felt that funny about it after she left well not too long aft [...]

  23. 3 Stars It was GOOD I liked it found it to be entertaining.With twenty two books to her name, I m a little surprised I haven t read Nancy Mehl s workuntil now Fatal Frost, opens in St Louis where the U.S Marshals and local police are working to thwart a powerful drug cartel s plan to take over their city Hope surges when a CI slips a video into the hands of officer Nick Brennan, but fades just as quickly when a mole within the department betrays Brennan resulting in his death The last person to [...]

  24. I know you won t believe this, but I love you, Mercy I ve loved you every day since you were born, even though I have done a terrible job of showing it These would be some of the last words that U S Marshal Mercy Brennan would ever hear her father speak Did he know that his days were numbered, thus attempting to make amends for his years of silence and desertion Mercy can only wonder, for he was gunned down just hours later, supposedly caught in the crossfire of violent gang warfare She can als [...]

  25. Title Fatal Frost Defenders of Justice 1 Author Nancy MehlPages 304Year 2016Publisher BethanyMy rating is 5 out of 5 stars.In her newest series, Defenders of Justice, readers are introduced to a U S Marshal character named Mercy Brennan Mercy s coworkers give her a nickname that implies how well guarded Mercy keeps her heart and life As readers progress through the book, it is revealed why Mercy protects herself from what she believes will end up hurting or breaking her heart Mercy has few frien [...]

  26. Fatal Frost Defenders Justice 1 By Nancy MehlFatal Frost is the first book in Defenders Justice series by Nancy Mehl She writes a wonderful story full of action, suspense, and dander all through the book The story and the characters both seen so real that you feel like you are right there with them The author drew me in right at the start and did not let go till the end This is one of those books that will keep you turning the pages and reading faster to see what is going to happen next You best [...]

  27. All I have read by Nancy Mehl so far has been her Amish Mennonite suspense novels, so this was a departure from what I normally read by her and I think from what she normally writes.This has got to be her best book yet I seriously loved it, and enjoyed every page of it It was suspenseful with plenty of surprises, there were some great characters, and Mehl outdid herself on the plot and setting There were plenty of nail biting moments that kept me glued to the book until I finished it I like it w [...]

  28. Page turning suspense with drastic stakes.Mark, Mercy, and Tally are sent on a mission to protect Mercy, but things are not all as they seem Fatal Frost pits the three law enforcement officers not only against crime, but also against the elements in a race against time.A very high energy story, Fatal Frost will engage your imagination from the very first page and perhaps your adrenaline, too.During a time of conflict and tension between law enforcement and citizens, this story spotlights the wor [...]

  29. As a child I loved famous five and secret seven books As I ve got older, I ve avoided them, mostly because of the violence and gore I feel this is where this book comes into its own, you know there s going to be nothing inappropriate in it well apart from one word which I sincerely hope means something different in America to England, You ll have to read it for yourself because I m not going to write it, it s so embarrassing Okay enough with the preamble, this story was an exciting page turner N [...]

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