Jun 28, 2022

Abigale Hall

Abigale Hall By {author, Abigale Hall Best Download || [Lauren A. Forry] Abigale Hall Best Download || [Lauren A. Forry] - Abigale Hall, Abigale Hall Amidst the terror of the Second World War seventeen year old Eliza and her troubled little sister Rebecca have had their share of tragedy losing their mother to the Blitz and their father to suicide

  • Title: Abigale Hall
  • Author: Lauren A. Forry
  • ISBN: 9781785300097
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback

Abigale Hall Best Download || [Lauren A. Forry], Abigale Hall, Lauren A. Forry, Abigale Hall Amidst the terror of the Second World War seventeen year old Eliza and her troubled little sister Rebecca have had their share of tragedy losing their mother to the Blitz and their father to suicide But when they are forced to leave London to work for the mysterious Mr Brownawell at Abigale Hall they find that the worst is yet to comeThere are tales that the ghost oAmidst the terro

Abigale Hall

Abigale Hall Best Download || [Lauren A. Forry] Abigale Hall Best Download || [Lauren A. Forry] - Abigale Hall, Abigale Hall Amidst the terror of the Second World War seventeen year old Eliza and her troubled little sister Rebecca have had their share of tragedy losing their mother to the Blitz and their father to suicide Abigale Hall

  • Abigale Hall Best Download || [Lauren A. Forry]
    132Lauren A. Forry
Abigale Hall

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  1. Elizabeth and Rebecca are living with their aunt after World War II when she sends them off to live in Wales at a large manor whose housekeeper has been looking for someone to hire to help her with the house The house is old and the owner is sick and rarely seen around, the cold housekeeper Mrs.Pollard seems to run everything and know everything There are rumors of other girls that have been hired disappearing The writing was good and I couldn t stop reading until I got to the end of the book I [...]

  2. 3 stars to Lauren A Forry s Abigale Hall, a mystery and suspense novel I received via NetGalley and Skyhorse Publishing as an ARC Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for a fair and honest review Thank you to both for this opportunity, as I enjoyed the book and have posted a review below.StoryRebecca, 12, and Eliza, 17, are orphaned sisters in 1940 s London shortly after the end of WWII, their mother dying from the German Blitz and their father committing suicide after several issues post war The gi [...]

  3. i celebrated spooktober the way one ought to with tiny candies and scary books, casting a wide net over the sea of horror and horror adjacent genres to best diversify my frights i ended up reading about carnivorous spiders, demonic possession, halloween themed short stories, lovecraftian riffs 1 and 2, killer mermaids, psych suspense with a twist, people s fears illustrated, mad max cannibals, high concept metaphysical horror, sentient animals bearing arms, a book about horror books, and a vampi [...]

  4. Abigale Hall by Lauren A Forry is a 2016 Black White publishing publication I m always on the lookout for a modern, recently released , pure Gothic tale, meaning all the great Gothic must haves are present and accounted for, such as the large manor house, the strange housekeeper, some supernatural element or grotesqueries, and the brave young lady who must fight off the forces of evil in one form or another This book certainly has all those elements, and the author did a fantastic job of creatin [...]

  5. Abigale Hall is a book that didn t sell itself to me directly, it took a while for me to get into the story But, at the same time was I curious enough to know , to find out answers Why did the aunt send Eliza and Rebecca to that weird house, and what s going on there What s wrong with the housekeeper Mrs Pollard Is the house haunted or is it just Eliza imagining that And, to be frank, what is going on with Rebecca Lots of questions, and as the story progressed the hooked I become until I finall [...]

  6. Well fleshed out with unlikable characters Eerie, suspenseful, engaging Gruesome, horrific Wonderful use of imagery Nail biting at the edge of your seat History thrown in, but only a few pinches, it never becomes a lesson A medieval thriller for modern times A YA adventure into grizzly, ghostly villages and people A thrill of the wrong kind Hair raising, fast moving and scary There you have it The story of seventeen year old Eliza Haverford and her troubled sister Rebecca who land up in a remote [...]

  7. Wow, what a remarkably dark toned book Reading the description, I wasn t expecting a fairy tale, but this is definitely not one to read if you re looking to be cheered up It s a dark, gothic tale set in the aftermath of WWII, full of drama and suspense So much drama and suspense, actually, that I had a little bit of a spook reading it home alone at night I wasn t expecting that, but this story surprised me in ways than one.There were a couple of parts that felt repetitive, i.e the character bei [...]

  8. After a promising start, I gave up on this this I managed to get 100 pages or so into this but the storyline became repetitive and my interest waned I cut to the last few chapters and felt I hadn t really missed much in the end.It was atmospheric in its gothic setting and the locations and time period were captured well but I couldn t understand the need for two stories running parallel along one another They didn t seem to fit and felt a bit pointless.I ve come away a tad disappointed but I kno [...]

  9. A delightful chilling historical tale Lauren A Forry creates a fascinating glimpse into our past Set in post war England, we get a real sense of the era, with its rationing and the vulnerability of young people and mental distress Seventeen year old Eliza and her younger sister Rebecca are sent to work in the eerie Abigale Hall They are orphans and have no one to support them They are soon trying to uncover the secrets of the place and make sense of it all Abigale Hall has secrets, hidden away a [...]

  10. After losing their mother and than losing their father to suicide, 17 year old Eliza and her troubled little sister Rebecca are forced to go to work for the mysterious Mr Brownawell at Abigale Hall When Eliza begins to unravel the mysteries and secrets of the house she must act quickly to save her little sister THANK YOU FIRSTREADS FOR THIS FREE BOOK

  11. Eliza and her sister, Rebecca, are living with their Aunt Bess in London Due to Aunt Bess s gambling debts, she sends Eliza and Rebecca away to work for a Mr Brownwell in Wales The girls work under the supervision of the housekeeper, Mrs Pollard Things aren t right at the manor Eliza believes she sees the ghost of Victoria, a girl who disappeared suspiciously When Rebecca is sent away to a hospital, Eliza becomes even paranoid.Peter and Eliza are dating When Eliza disappears, Peter searches for [...]

  12. In a hidden corner of the Welsh countryside, beneath the dark green hills and stretching deep underground, lies a secret Though few know of its existence, all feel its presence, for above this secret rests a house.In the second World War, Rebecca and her seventeen year old big sister Eliza lost their parents, one to the Blitz, the other to suicide They live with their aunt in London, but soon find themselves swept away to a Welsh mansion in a village ripe with rumours and curses and, bit by bit, [...]

  13. This tale was an interesting and scary one I kept reading because of my morbid curiosity and I am a sucker for a romantic ending I was curious about what was happening inside Abigail Hall This book ended nothing like I expected Lauren Forry caught me off guard with the ending A truly well orchestrated tale, the twists are endless but they lend character to the book, nicely done.

  14. This book is full of dreams and madness That sounds like it could be great, doesn t it Well no A common piece of advice for aspiring writers is never start a book with a character s dream And Lauren A Forry didn t However, after a little while it seemed as though every other chapter began with a dream Another fairly common piece advice for everyone is your dreams are always much interesting to you than to anyone else in the world By the third or fourth time a chapter opened in the middle of Eli [...]

  15. Meh I really didn t enjoy this book very much I fell for the cover, but it wasn t my thing as it turned out.I received a free review copy from netgalley.

  16. Eliza, 17, and Rebecca, 12 have had a traumatic life Sent out of London as war evacuees during the Blitz, they returned to the city as orphans They are taken in my their Aunt Bess, but their life is hard In serious debt, Bess sends them to Carmarthenshire, Wales to work at a gloomy Welsh manorhouse named Thornecroft I liked Eliza so much at first She is given only a short time to pack for her journey to Wales and laments the fact that she cannot bring her beloved books along with her.They are pu [...]

  17. This is a dark and disturbing horror story, somewhat gothic in style with a definite feel of similar books by Daphne du Maurier It makes a compelling page turner but is much gloomier and depressing than I imagined If you like sombre, sinister, suspenseful tales this one is for you.Abigale Hall, set in the gloomy aftermath of World War 2, in days of food shortages, job shortages and the return of many walking wounded to civilian life, tells the story of 2 orphan sisters, teenager Eliza and her y [...]

  18. 3.5 stars.Abigale Hall is a slightly tame horror novel It is ideal for young adults and adults who don t like to be to horrified.The whole story is steeped in mystery and intrigue It is very obvious from when both sisters arrive at Abigale Hall that things are not quite right and Eliza does her best to get to the bottom of it all.I felt quite sorry for Eliza, having lost both parents, her and Rebecca s lives take a very uncertain turn and are forced to work to earn their keep Eliza is also havin [...]

  19. As punishment for misbehaving, Eliza and her troubled young sister Rebecca are sent away to a mysterious manor that possesses a horrifying secret.This probably would ve made for a good short story, but at over 350 pages it became repetitive and exhausting.

  20. The worst Gothic novel I ve read.Couldn t care about any of the characters and so the suspense didn t work either.I wonder if there s something soulless about studying Creative Writing Everytime I read drivel I flip to about the author and find they have a Masters in Creative Writing.For a creepy story about sisters which I much preferred try Leaving Poppy by Kate Cann.

  21. Started this book with great expectations a Gothic novel with good reviews and the cover was enticing Initially held my interest, took place after WWII An 18 year old and her 8 year old sister were sold into virtual servitude by their aunt both parents were killed in the war The English manor they went to was suitably creepy , there was a mystery there, but never really developed or held my interest Persevered and finished, however quite disappointing.

  22. The whole story is steeped in mystery and intrigue It is very obvious from when both sisters arrive at Abigale Hall that things are not quite right and Eliza does her best to get to the bottom of it all.The house obviously holds some dark secrets and I have to say I had absolutely no clue as to what it was and was as shocked as Eliza when all is revealed.A great read.Thanks to the Author Netgalley and Publisher

  23. Roses and old booksThis is a dark and delightful Gothic fantasy, all the so for being set in the shabby postwar period rather than some lightning wracked Victorian pile The story takes us to both a bombed out and exhausted London and a decaying country house in deepest Wales and when I say tales , I mean just that, Forry s writing is visceral, dwelling on the smells of overcooked food, unwashed bodies, coal dust, mould and soot As well as some other, specific smells that are key in the emotion [...]

  24. Teenagers Eliza and Rebecca live in London with their hard as nails Aunt Bess after losing both their parents in the Second World War Although she isn t explicitly described as such in the book, it s obvious that Rebecca has learning disabilities and mental health problems She s breezily articulate but struggles to control her temper and appears to lack empathy and social skills it s also hinted that she has spent time in some form of institution Seventeen year old Eliza, who works as a theatre [...]

  25. The idea of the plot seemed good, but it seemed to drag on and I couldn t connect with the characters At times it was hard to distinguish what was going on, and it was hard to get into the book The plot seemed promising though, but it was poorly executed.

  26. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI think that really there are three big problems I had with this book 1 It drags on and on2 It can t really decide what kind of book it wants to be3 I don t like or care about literally any of the charactersThis book could easily have cut out about a hundred pages, it definitely would have been much compelling as a novella rather than a full length novel I felt like nothing really happened except in the very begi [...]

  27. Great storylineI really enjoyed this an read it in a few hours as was unable to put it down Very easy to read with a good storyline.

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