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Wrong By {author, Unlimited Wrong - by Jana Aston Unlimited Wrong - by Jana Aston - Wrong, Wrong I have a history of picking the wrong guy Gay Player Momma s boy Check check and check Now I can t stop fantasizing about one of the customers at the coffee shop I work at between classes It s just a

  • Title: Wrong
  • Author: Jana Aston
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 497
  • Format: ebook

Unlimited Wrong - by Jana Aston, Wrong, Jana Aston, Wrong I have a history of picking the wrong guy Gay Player Momma s boy Check check and check Now I can t stop fantasizing about one of the customers at the coffee shop I work at between classes It s just a harmless crush right It s not like I ever see this guy outside of the coffee shop It s not like I m going to see him while attempting to get birth control at the studI have a history of pickin


Unlimited Wrong - by Jana Aston Unlimited Wrong - by Jana Aston - Wrong, Wrong I have a history of picking the wrong guy Gay Player Momma s boy Check check and check Now I can t stop fantasizing about one of the customers at the coffee shop I work at between classes It s just a Wrong

  • Unlimited Wrong - by Jana Aston
    497Jana Aston

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  1. 1 2 Wrong stand alone Forbidden romance with sexy 30 something gynecologist a college girl needing to get laid Wrong stand alone is a forbidden romance University student and barista Sophie Tisdale has been crushing on a handsome suit clad customer for weeks only to discover that he is also an obstetrician volunteering as a gynecologist at the clinic After an embarrassing and orgasmic visit Sophie sets about losing her virginity to her horny boyfriend, but can t stop pining after Dr Luke Miller [...]

  2. Wrong is everything I want done right in a book SO MUCH HUMOR to the point of having a coughing fit from laughing I also might of woke up my husband at 3 45am to tell him about a funny part during the anal scene OMG Jana Aston gives GREAT anal Besides all the LOL moments, there was so much HOTNESS Holy hell My poor husband almost got woken up again, at 3am, to break in our new mattress Then I thought baby 6 No way Its a trap Plus my very own gynecologist s name is Dr Miller True story So I decid [...]

  3. Wrong is the first story I ve read by Jana Aston, but it won t be the last Her debut novel is super fun and super steamy and I enjoyed every minute Sophie is a senior in college and a barista at a local coffee shop She s got this one particular patron that she looks forward to seeing every time he comes in One who she can t stop thinking about Sophie sees him every week at the shop, and it never goes farther than that Until she goes to the student clinic and realizes he volunteers there He s her [...]

  4. Sophie Tisdale is crushing hard on the well dressed customer but her world s about to be turned upside down when she find herself in a paper gown, legs spread and feet in stirrups and face to face with the same man she s been fantasizing about A man that is about to get an up close personal look at her But neither of them expected one another I mean who would have guessed the man she d been crushing on was going to be the same man filling a prescription of birth control after having his fingers [...]

  5. 4.5 Paging Dr Miller STARSFor a debut novel, Jana Aston delivers one stellar gem of a read This was romantic, funny, sexy as hell and just enough angst to keep things interesting I read this in one seating and loved every word.Let s just say, there s a virgin, a gynecologist, comprising positions of embarrassment and a whole lot of sex Sophie is a senior in college with a crush on the hot, much older professional who frequents the coffee shop where she works Of course, as luck would have it, he [...]

  6. LIVE on I feel like this book was written just for us, readers, it is the perfect recipe of all the things I love A little angst, a little taboo, a lot funny, and a whole hell of a lot sexy When I started Wrong I had no idea what it was about, but I was immediately engaged I read this book in one sitting and didn t want to stop for anything Jana s words immediately captivated me.Sophie is just a regular college student at the University of Penn Her mother died when she was young and she never kn [...]

  7. It started out as fun Sophie and her best friend Everly were hilarious, and I was intrigued by Luke Then they started boning each other and it went downhill from there Don t get me wrong It wasn t the sex although it felt like the author was just writing a sex scene off of Pornhub I mean, it was okay but it s rather clinical ahem No pun intended But my biggest gripe and what ultimately led me to rating this lower was the conflict, or the lack thereof It was woefully underdeveloped Same goes for [...]

  8. My cervix looks great Is that a gynecologist pickup line I laugh internally Gynecologists reproductive endocrinologist aren t hot and sadly my stance on this hasn t change after reading this book in the least I tried to keep in mind that this is the author s first story and if you look on my shelves her second book Right was a big hit for me This story was too fast paced, had way too little character development, and it felt all wrong and lacking by the time I was finished The older hero if poss [...]

  9. 3,5 Wrong Stars Sophie is a grad student almost in the end of her degree, just going through life and hoping to end college and start a new life Luke is her regular client at the coffee shop she works at, he s clearly older than her but he s handsome and charismatic and she can t help but feeling attracted to him In the day she decides that it s time to lose her virginity she goes to the campus doctor to get some contraceptive prescribed and that s when finds out that the gynecologist is no one [...]

  10. With so many books on my TBR I told my kid to pick a number and direction and he did This was number 13 from the bottom The story was cute with a few laugh out loud moments I haven t read anything like it before though I m sure the erotica section has plenty of them I mean a gynecologist setup couldn t be perfect for kink, right Lol This wasn t just sex though, it s actually a sweet romance Luke was a delicious dirty talker He totally moved up to my 1 slot in that category quite quickly and fir [...]

  11. Free on link below Wrong Book 1 J Not for under 18 Type of Characters and my choices according to pictures Dr Luke Miller 36 Miss Sophie Tisdale 21 Review There are lots of reviews on this particular book on GR seems I am a bit late to join the party But as the saying goes rather late than never When Miss Sophie Tisdale goes for her first gyno visit, her gynaecologists is no other than Dr Luke Miller the chief of obstetrics at the hospital, see what was embarrassing about this particular visit [...]

  12. 3.75 WRONG STARSBefore I start this review I just want to mention that I found the fact that I had one POV VERY VERY ANNOYING I only received Luke s POV at the end I would have liked it before.I NEEDED IT BEFORE Also, I would have like some verbal confirmation about his past relationship with Gina Did Gina really do what Sophie said Come on these are important facts Further, there was way too much other woman drama I mean almost every place they went together, Gina was there making a play for Lu [...]

  13. I have a history of picking the wrong guy Gay Player Momma s boy Check, check and check i LOVED the first few chapters,i read than 30% in one day it was so funny, Sophie is a nice pretty heroine and as usual she s a virgin so you know where this is going Now I can t stop fantasizing about one of the customers at the coffee shop I work at between classes It s just a harmless crush, right It s not like I ever see this guy outside of the coffee shop It s not like I m going to see him while attempt [...]

  14. It s not wrong if it s right for you.Wrong has been on my radar for a long time That bright coloured cover with the hint of a hot guy looking all corporate and sophisticated definitely caught my eye I didn t buy it when it first came out though because there were rumours.Bad rumours.Wrong was wrong.I heard Wrong was bad and people were offended by the way the hero talked to the heroine There was talk that readers were turned off by his job and how she found out what he did for a living I decided [...]

  15. 3.5 Grind Me StarsThere is nothing WRONG with a book that makes you smile, laugh, blush and sigh I found this book to have the right balance of sweet, sexy, and sassy It s a cute story with a great HEA, not much angst, and a lot of homage to the author s friends through the book The handsome sexy gynecologist and the 21 yr old virgin I will say that it s a little cliche view spoiler the story seemed to be a combination of others stories like FSoG, Captivated by You, and so forth hide spoiler but [...]

  16. There was anal Great anal I don t actually think I need to say about this book other than if you don t like the backdoor stuff this probably isn t for you, and that s a little sad, because it s hilarious and just awesome I m a slow reader and I blew through this book like whoa I promise not to go into book reviewing full time.

  17. DNF 36%You know how a book isn t that good but something about it makes you want to read a little further to see if it gets better along the way That s what I called myself doing with this book You see one of my biggest pet peeves is a dumb heroine And Sophie, my friendBasically Sophie is a student who works at a coffee shop part time She s got a huge crush on a regular customer of hers All she knows about him is his name is Luke and he s hot as homemade sin She has an appointment to go to the u [...]

  18. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewThere is nothing wrong with Jana Aston s debut book WRONG This book was ooooh so right It was sexy, lighthearted, witty, playful and embarrassingly fun How can something so wrong feel so right Well, the answer to that is simple Jana Aston created a fun sexy read about Sophie, a 21 year old college virgin who fantasizes about a sexy customer who makes a weekly Tuesday appearance at Grind Me, a coffee shop that she works at Sophie s imaginatio [...]

  19. 4 StarsOverall Opinion This was a hot, relatively low angst, easy read My main criticisms would be that I would like some explanation as to what happens between the epilogue and the final chapter, and the derogatory words phrases during dirty talk that didn t seem to fit Otherwise, it was enjoyable Storyline This was Sophie and Luke s story Sophie has been crushing on the older by 15 years professional man, Luke, that has been coming to the coffee shop that she works at every Tuesday She has a [...]

  20. DNF I stopped when Luke gave Sophie a breast exam in the shower And he had creepy stalker feels than the protective alpha I think the author was aiming for It also bothered me that he kept on calling her a hussy Do people say that during dirty talk Hussy

  21. DNF 40%I was a little fooled by it s quirky ness, turns out, it s got a whole bunch of Fifty Shades of Grey traits, the similar situations were excessive Hero feels spoke like Christian Grey It got really corny too Shame, cause it was quite fun at the beginning.

  22. Twenty one year old Sophie is a senior in college and working as a barista for some extra cash Oh and she s a virgin currently trying to change that fact When she decides that she will finally give up her virginity to her current boyfriend she makes an appointment with the schools clinic But as she s sitting on the table in nothing but a gown and socks that say Classy Bitch, she never expected to see Luke walk in Luke is the hot professional guy that comes into the coffee shop that she fantasize [...]

  23. 6 Not So Wrong StarsThis book is so not wrong, but so right I had no idea who Jana Aston was I just knew my friend kept on pressuring me to read it I was told it was going to be super funny and super steamy.I never realized I would fall in love Yeah, I fell in love with Jana Aston, who is now on my favorite authors list Congrats on her debut novel and if you do not know her, she s JA Huss assistant, well now slash writer.I haven t laughed this hard since reading the seduction series I smiled and [...]

  24. Jana Aston, If you are reading this, then may I say the Acknowledgments and About the Author sections at the end of WRONG had me in even stitches than the book I nearly died laughing, but what a way to go To everyone reading this, buy the book because it makes people happy just read the other reviews

  25. Bit of a messy, but funny and naughty In other words, not entirely seriously enjoyable reading.About the plot Sophie has planned a simple life She has college, a boyfriend and a plan to lose virginity Her sweet moment of forgetfulness is drooling at the sight of a handsome customer who visits them once a week, Luke When she goes on her first visit to the gynecologist, the last thing expects is her handsome customer as a doctor Dr Luke Miller Awkward situations, it is an understatement.They bump [...]

  26. 4.25 Dirty Sexy Stars First read by this Author, and I loved it, I will Definitely be reading the next one Sophie Luke s story was Deliciously funny, Smokin Hot, SEXY, Captivating and Oh So DirtyLuke s bedside manner is worth the read alonelove a dirty talker Don t miss out on this one

  27. 3 Potential Stars Sometimes starting a series once it has found its legs gives the reader insight to the growth of the author I had the pleasure of reading Fling by Jana Aston recently and by doing soI wanted to read the rest of the series Jana Aston has a unique style and very strong sense of humor With this debut entry, we can see how this talent will grow.Aston took a situation, expanded on it and created a romance of a couple troupes I think the first part was the strongest and showed the mo [...]

  28. This was a very funny, witty, steamy, well written story.It flowed well from the get go, and quickly has you laughing Large age gap romances aren t usually my favorite but this one had me changing my tune The characters were very well written, the chemistry between the two was not only believable but kinda made you fall in love with them as well They were beyond cute together Sophie was just a witty badass for a girl, not clingy and obsessive She knew what she wanted and she went for it She didn [...]

  29. 4.5 beautiful baby stars Luke and Sophie were adorable together I love that despite their age difference, despite their different backgrounds, and their different goals, they still found common ground and love I just wish Sophie trusted Luke a bit during this story It was slightly irritating Given what he does for a living, in the end her doubts were unwarranted I m glad she figured that out.There were some funny parts in this book For example There s a wet spot on the paper Is that normal Am I [...]

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