Aug 19, 2022

Lady Joe

Lady Joe By {author, [PDF] Download â Lady Joe : by Mark Saha [PDF] Download â Lady Joe : by Mark Saha - Lady Joe, Lady Joe Francine would turn twenty four in the fall and was thinking about leaving her husband Somebody left Lee Estes in charge of the Walker place while the trainers are on the road and he manages to lose a

  • Title: Lady Joe
  • Author: Mark Saha
  • ISBN: 9781511865432
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Download â Lady Joe : by Mark Saha, Lady Joe, Mark Saha, Lady Joe Francine would turn twenty four in the fall and was thinking about leaving her husband Somebody left Lee Estes in charge of the Walker place while the trainers are on the road and he manages to lose a champion cutting horse scheduled to be picked up by a buyer The unsophisticated buyer only wants Lady Joe as a trophy horse to impress guests in his back yard so Lee buy Francine would turn

Lady Joe

[PDF] Download â Lady Joe : by Mark Saha [PDF] Download â Lady Joe : by Mark Saha - Lady Joe, Lady Joe Francine would turn twenty four in the fall and was thinking about leaving her husband Somebody left Lee Estes in charge of the Walker place while the trainers are on the road and he manages to lose a Lady Joe

  • [PDF] Download â Lady Joe : by Mark Saha
    487Mark Saha
Lady Joe

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  1. From the first sentence of Lady Joe, you know that you re going to be taken on an adventure It s a story of small but persistent conflicts that grow as the story progresses Blame for the troubles falls to Lee, who seems destined to bring about the undoing of Jim s marriage and his life in general The author is quite deft at keeping the tension at a low boil you know Lee s got a propensity for screwing up even the most achievable of goals, and you know that Jim lacks the wherewithal to choose bet [...]

  2. Review of Lady Joe, by Mark SahaIf ever there was a story that ought to be titled, What could possibly go wrong , this is it Almost ne er do well Lee Estes manages to get dumped from champion cutting mare Lady Joe on a ride in the California foothills just before she s to be sold to a rich Texas lawyer for an astronomical price When Lee climbs to his feet and finds her gone, he has to come up with a plan to hide his carelessness from his judgmental boss He enlists a reluctant sidekick, good hear [...]

  3. I have received this book directly from an author, after joining the giveaway I am very grateful for an opportunity to find out about the life of modern cowboys, horses, and the whole culture unknown to me before It was my first western I am not particularly sure about the genre here I felt from the first page that this theme is very loved by an author himself Pictures are beautiful and simple to understand I believe it will be really enjoyed by teens.

  4. Not being a big fan of novellas and short stories, even I had to admit that Lady Joe was a surprisingly satisfying read It s one of those books that from the very first page you can feel is gonna be good.The writing was captivating and the characters easy to like The story itself appeared rather lifelike and I enjoyed every minute of reading it.

  5. This is a short novel set in California in the world of cutting horses It s the story of Lee Estes and his friend Jim Both love cutting horses, but they have very different personalities Lee is somehow chaotic and has a tendency to screw things up Jim is responsible, married but in the verge of divorce One day, Lee comes with some dubious business proposal, which Jim accepts From then on, the adventure starts Will they become stars in the cutting circuit I like the way this story unfolds, and h [...]

  6. What s better than horses and adventure This book has both Really enjoyable read, great storytelling, sincere and believable characters The book kept me interested from beginning to end I had never heard of cutting so I enjoyed learning something new about horses and cutting I m buying a copy for my father as he is an avid horse lover.Can t wait to read by this author.

  7. I won this book from I really enjoyed this book, I m pretty sure I grew up with these guys, or guys just like them It was a light read with likeable characters The twist at the end was quite a surprise and not at all what I expected.

  8. 4,5 5 starsI received this book as a winner on a GR giveaway and I m so glad I did The story is very simple and readable and the characters are relatable You will surely find yourself entering the story and become and passionate about what s going on.Growing up in Italy I ve actually never heard of horse cutting I mean I knew the sport, but didn t know its name , so thanks to this book I ve learned new things about the horse world and this sport The language is quite simple so I didn t have an [...]

  9. I like this book It s a fun adventure about two cowboys caught in a web of lies about a horse Lee is left in charge of a ranch while the owner is away He accidentally loses the horse Lady Joe At the same time, he gets word that the owner is selling the same horse to a buyer for 400,000 He sure can t tell the owner that Lady Joe is lost, so he ropes his best friend Jim into helping him figure out how to finagle a way of escape Anyway, it s a good story, and it shows some serious desperation as th [...]

  10. A fun readI enjoyed reading this book I am not a person who takes chances or even contemplates doing something outside the law but reading about the mischief these two guys keep getting into was funny I kept thinking oh no and what next I won t give anything away in the plot, but I can picture a couple of good old boy rednecks getting into the same fix It s a fun read.

  11. I received this little book free through , and I am so very glad for the opportunity to read and review it I enjoyed the story of two hapless cowboys who kind of stumble into success, only to have things take a step backward.This is a fun book to read, and I plan to share it with the ladies in my family.

  12. I am a ranch horse trainer and author who used to ride cutting horses in California, so I know a thing or two about them I was gravely disappointed in this book The author clearly doesn t know enough about horses in general, cutting horses, or actual trainers to write with any authority It s little than fluff of the type that usually turns me and everyone else who does actually know a thing or two about horses off and ruins our interest in novels with horses on the cover Really sad.

  13. O.K.Not much happening in this book Silly story line and not a very believable conclusion Might be a good read for a kid.

  14. Good BookThe whole book was worth the ending, when the history of the horse was summed up in just a couple of pages.Crazy or Rich is right.

  15. This book is about what happens when a man loses a horse that is meant for someone else and must come up with a way to fix things Things are further complicated once the original horse returns This story has shed some light on cutting, something that I have never heard about until reading this It sounds like a fun family event to try out in the future I received this through giveaways I thought it was okay I feel like it was a little too short.

  16. Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers FavoriteLady Joe is a contemporary humorous fiction novel written by Mark Saha Lee Estes is in trouble again, and he s counting on his childhood friend, Jim Harrison, to help him out of it Lee s been working on the Walker ranch and has actually made something of himself He s been put in charge of the place while Mr Walker is away in Europe, but a careless moment spent exercising one of Walker s horses could mean losing his job and disappointing his dad Lady Jo [...]

  17. Lady Joe is a novella length story dealing with love, friendship, horse cutting, and a bit of mischief I received this book as a winner on a GR giveaway This is a great story for an everyday reader The prose is simple and very readable, the characters, while a bit simplistic, are relate able and you find yourself becoming empathetic to them as the story moves on Horse cutting is something I had only heard about before Growing up in Nebraska, I was privileged enough to have grown up near the bigg [...]

  18. A decent fast paced short story, which I enjoyed reading in one sitting I thought the author did a good job of building the characters in such a short text 125 pages I liked the ending and the way it felt that there was a lot of hope for the future.I will admit this was a whole new world to me I had never even heard of the sport of horse cutting, but we read to learn and sometimes it s refreshing to read something completely different It was unfortunate that the explanation of what cutting is wa [...]

  19. A fun read I won this book in a giveaway and Mark very kindly sent me an autographed copy The characters in Lady Joe are likeable and interesting and the style of the prose and dialogue suits the out west feel of the story The predicament the characters put themselves in kept me reading and waiting for what was inevitably going to go south Although not involved in the sport of cutting, as a horse person, I appreciated the accurate portrayal of horses and life with horses My only complaint about [...]

  20. Good Read author Mark Saha has written a book called Lady Joe It is about the world of cow cutting competition It is also about friendship The story begins when Lee Estes goes to his long time friend, Jim Harrison, to ask him to bail him out of a jam Jim knows he needs to help Lee even though he doesn t feel right about Lee s plan Saha has written sympathetic young characters who are easy to root for It is easy to visualize what Lee and Jim are going through as they try to solve the problem with [...]

  21. Fun story, kind of good characters, they re a little goofy Foul language in ONE chapter and it was one of the main characters WEIRD Certainly didn t seem true to the character at that point in the story and he stays clean mouthed must have chewed some Orbit gum through rest of book Include the language or don t but be consistent If I don t want to read it I won t and you can all call me a prude but at least stay true to your characters that YOU VE created

  22. I found this a delightful read The lead characters were surprisingly engaging everymen and the book had some clever, unexpected twists, creating a level of suspense which was unexpected for what started out as lighthearted Best of all, it introduced me to the heretofore unknown and quintessentially American culture of the cutting horse community I want to see of the exploits of Lee and Jim.

  23. A horse s taleWhat a fun read A couple of goodOld boys, whose dreams exceed their grasp, find themselves in the thick of it in the world of riders and cutters, which means something else in the horse world A glimpse into an side of equestrians that I hadn t seen before.

  24. I won this book as a giveaway and so happy to have I love this story as I always loved horses too The chapters were not too long I have two kids so I always have to stop and check on the kids This was a book that was totally worth my time I plan to read it again one day.

  25. Thank you for choosing me as a winner This book is a decent fun read As the story goes along you can almost predict what is going to happen The last chapter was a surprise and I hope the boys can do something great with their lives.

  26. Nice short story.Really enjoyed this short story about cutting A few twist and turns in the story Wish there was stories about cutting and western events.

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