Jun 25, 2022

Hard Love

Hard Love By {author, [PDF] Hard Love | by  Meredith Wild [PDF] Hard Love | by  Meredith Wild - Hard Love, Hard Love Days after their wedding Blake and Erica Landon embark on their honeymoon a journey that deepens their bond and promises to fade the scars of their past Just when their troubles seem safely behind th

  • Title: Hard Love
  • Author: Meredith Wild
  • ISBN: 9781455566419
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Hard Love | by  Meredith Wild, Hard Love, Meredith Wild, Hard Love Days after their wedding Blake and Erica Landon embark on their honeymoon a journey that deepens their bond and promises to fade the scars of their past Just when their troubles seem safely behind them scandal surrounding would be Governor Daniel Fitzgerald s election threatens their newfound peace Back home Blake finds himself at the center of the controversy haunteDays after their

Hard Love

[PDF] Hard Love | by  Meredith Wild [PDF] Hard Love | by  Meredith Wild - Hard Love, Hard Love Days after their wedding Blake and Erica Landon embark on their honeymoon a journey that deepens their bond and promises to fade the scars of their past Just when their troubles seem safely behind th Hard Love

  • [PDF] Hard Love | by  Meredith Wild
    423Meredith Wild
Hard Love

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  1. Hard Love, book 5 of 5 I read the Hacker series book 1 5 while sick I wish I had time to write reviews.Harvard graduate Erica Hathaway s whirlwind romance with former hacker and billionaire technology investor Blake Landon continuesThis was a spectacular read for me Just what the doctored ordered Many twists and turns and after all is said, an epic read 6 star shelf.Books in Hacker series should be read in order Book 1 HardwiredBook 2 HardpressedBook 3 HardlineBook 4 Hard LimitBook 5 Hard LoveHe [...]

  2. 4 Love Wins All StarsHard Love is the concluding story to the Hacker series I love this series I read the first books back to back I love it so much I even bought the audio version because it s the BEST form of re reading I love it so much I got the paperback copies, on top of my kindle copies on top of my ARC copies Oh but wait, I love it SO much, I even got my paperback copies signed.Not only Meredith is talented and writes a good series, BUT she s very generous and SUPER SWEET I LOVE THAT Thi [...]

  3. I ve read all of the books in the Hacker series some of them than once, so I was waiting with baited breath for Hard Love I was so excited to see what happened to Blake and Erika after the trauma of her getting shotHard Love picks up on their honeymoon, but in true Meredith Wild fashion, there is mystery, suspense and some HARD LOVE going on We are taken down a winding road filled with folks from their past, which culminates in an attempt to bring Blake down one time I m a lover of love, and a [...]

  4. Hard Love was the absolute perfect conclusion to Meredith Wild s captivating and utterly phenomenal Hacker Series I couldn t have asked for a better ending book for Blake and Erica and their breathtakingly emotional love story This series is one of my all time favorites, and what Meredith Wild gave me in each of these books, but especially in Hard Love, left me in true literary awe As I sit here writing this review, I still can t believe that Blake and Erica s story is really over, but what I go [...]

  5. It s always hard to say goodbye to characters that have taken you through such an incredible journey Hard Love by Meredith Wild is the fifth and last book in our beloved Hacker Series It takes us through the love story of Blake and Erica, two souls that strive to be together against all odds There were so many moments of clarity for me within this book Pieces that finally clicked in the master puzzle Also, the author gave our newlyweds a future to look forward to, even knowing it wasn t going to [...]

  6. For the last two years I have watched Blake and Erica s relationship evolve into something phenomenal The Hacker Series will always be a favorite of mine When we first began Erica and Blake s relationship they were both determined to stay in control of their lives Over time we have seen them triumph at every obstacle thrown their way You saw two people come together and become a united front In Hard Love everything they have accomplished will be tested But what would love be without the ups and [...]

  7. I was given this ARC for an honest reviewI just finished reading this amazing conclusion to the Hacker Series Over the last two years we have followed Erica and Blake through their tumultuous and all consuming love affair Each with their skeletons and baggage, Erica wearing hers on her sleeve and Blake hiding his behind his arrogant, controlling fa ade They met their match, bringing out in each other what they lacked Erica has become a much stronger personality, willing to defy Blake to help him [...]

  8. I received this as an ARC for my honest review Meredith has done it again with this book it was a perfect way to end the story of our beloved Erica and Blake This book had me on a rollercoaster of emotions in every chapter I mean what can I say without giving it away but WOW But I will say that I was very happy how things turned out There was not a dry eye for me I hate to see this book come to an end but I m glad it ended the way it did Well done Meredith well done I will say that I literally c [...]

  9. I am an emotional wreck right now in the most crazy, beautiful sense of the word.It was a treat to start the book off meeting with Professor Quinlan, to have him back in Erica s life.I love the shifting POV It makes sense to introduce Blake s POV slowly, as this started out Erica s story and has morphed into their shared journey.All of the relationships between characters are explored and resolved in this final chapter of the Hacker series I am deeply and completely satisfied with how Meredith W [...]

  10. I feel like I ve been waiting for this book forever, and it still amazes me that it has only been two years since Hardwired was released Meredith does not disapointed with this amazing conclusion to the Hacker Series Blake and Erika have had a difficult journey in the short time they ve been together With everything they ve gone thru, one constant has remained their love Watching them navigate thru their final trials was nothing short of amazing.if you ve loved the Hacker Series, you don t want [...]

  11. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC for Hard Love and all I can say is that the book was hot hot hot.This book was nothing short of amazing It was so worth the wait Meredith made you laugh, cry, scream, and fall in love I could not have thought of a better ending for Blake and Erica.I can not wait to read from this amazing author.

  12. Can t wait for this one I am pretty sure Meredith wild will again bring in a heart stopping twist again.I hope Erica gets her revenge and teaches a good lesson to Sophia

  13. O M G Swoon Worthy CheckSteamy CheckSplendid CheckOurs was a hard love We d fallen hard into it, and we d fought hard to keep it Our kind of love didn t ask nicely It took It ravaged It consumed the heart whole and asked questions later The rewards were soul deep and all consuming, sweeping through like a wildfire.Days after their nuptials, Blake and Erica Landon embark on their honeymoon a journey that deepens their bonds and promises to fade the scars of their past Just when their troubles see [...]

  14. It took me a few days to let this book sink in The fact that it is the last of the series made me want to take my time But who am I kidding I devoured the book in one day because I needed that Blake Erica fix.In Hard Love we find Blake Erica s relationship taken to the next level now there is smooth sailing right HA sure.These two definitely get tested once again on their love trust for each other Events from the previous books are carried over and all the questions are answered There was one ch [...]

  15. What a perfect ending to this series I have fallen in love with Blake and Erica all over again Everything seems to come together so perfectly Blake is still the hot alpha male who needs control, but is willing to give a little for the woman that he loves However, he will could have to pay the ultimate price for their love Erica is a strong woman, who won t stop at any cost to take care of the man that she loves Even if it means make a deal that could cost her everything So many things that I wan [...]

  16. I was fortunate enough this time around to to receive an advanced copy of this book to read and I could not put it down Meredith has done it again I loved the other books in the hacker series, and this was such a perfect ending ending to Blake and Erica s journey Of course I am am sad to see it end but I am so thrilled with the way it ended Such a great story and beautifully written If you haven t read any of the other books in hacker series I suggest that you By far my favorite

  17. First, I received an ARC of Hard Love for an honest review of the book.And honestlyIt was AMAZING Meredith gave us a very well written, thrilling, sexy page turner in Hard Love The first four books took us through Erica Hathaway and Blake Landon s first meeting,first unbridled encounter and the life the started with each You got to know them, you got sucked into their ups and downs You were left shocked and awed You were blushing and dropping your jaw when you were let into their bedroom and you [...]

  18. Love is always worth fighting for This BRILLIANT Five Star conclusion will leave you completely breathless Meredith Wild spins her magic once , taking readers through every possible raw emotion as she delivers the final installment of her Hacker Series Blake and Erica s beautiful journey is one that I simply did not want to end.

  19. I received an ARC of this book for an honest reviewHaving said that please believe me when I tell you that it is an amazing ending to an amazing series Blake and Erica went through so much to be together The twists and turns in this series as a whole is what makes it so awesome Meredith Wild is a great author and I can t wait to see what she has in store for her fans.

  20. Meredith has written a wonderful book to conclude this fantastic series This book starts with Blake and Erica on their honeymoon where their love only continues to grow And it ends with tying up the story lines of those most prominent to the Hacker Series From the first book, Hardwired, to this last one, we see a progression of how Blake loves This book shows how Blake finally sees how he s changed and how because of Erica, he loves with all his heart, body, mind and soul A previous reviewer men [...]

  21. I have loved this series from the beginning and was sad to see it come to an end But what a fantastic ending to a great story If you re a fan and have read the previous books, you know that Blake and Erica have been put through the wringer but have managed to come out on top But there are a few obstacles for them to overcome in Hard Love Blake is as controlling and domineering as always when it comes to Erica but his love for her is powerful And Erica is still fiercely strong, protective and as [...]

  22. Ours was a hard love We d fallen hard into it, and we d fought hard to keep it Our kind of love didn t ask nicely It took It ravaged It consumed the heart whole and asked questions later The rewards were soul deep and all consuming, sweeping through like a wildfire.

  23. ARC provided by BareNakedWords in exchange for honest review.Official release date September 15th,2015I ve said it before but I ll say it again I think this series is one of the MOST under appreciated series out there I can t believe that people haven t read it It is one of my all time favorite series So if you haven t given The Hacker series a try, do it now This is the conclusion of Blake and Erica s story, told in dual povs.Blake Landon is an investor, hacker, tech geek extraordinaire and bi [...]

  24. From the moment I picked up this book, I could not put it down I devoured it in one sitting Blake and Erica s story drew me in and refused to let go, once again This was such a bittersweet situation since this is the conclusion of Blake and Erica s story I wasn t ready for this love affair to end Hard Love is suspenseful, sensual and spectacular The combustible sexual chemistry left me in need of an ice bath and some oxygen, while the emotional twists and turns ruined my manicure Not that I am c [...]

  25. 4 Happy Ending StarsHard Love is the final addition to the Hacker series It s been a long journey for Erica and Blake but one that was well worth it Picking up right where book 4 left off, Blake and Erica are embarking on a new journey together as a married couple While they know that life is moving on while they are on their month long honeymoon abroad, they are taking the time to reconnect and really be together But as soon as they get home, life takes a turn they aren t expecting and they hav [...]

  26. Bittersweet Perfect Meredith has blown my mind with the steamy, wonderful ending to an amazing series.Blake Erica just had the most beautiful wedding a girl could ever dream of and now they re off to a perfect honeymoon Once they returned from the honeymoon, their home life would throw them a serious curve ball Blake s hacker past was showing up with a vengeance and not showing any sign of letting up Would he end up in prison or would there be a way to save him Erica went on an investigation of [...]

  27. one again meredith wild did it again it was like a rollar coaster a lovely ending to a great series couldnot put thebookdown cant wait to see what she does next

  28. Absolutely loved this book An amazing end to a gripping series, tons of twist and turns, and a great love story along the way Every book meredith writes is worthy of a 5 star rating

  29. What an amazing conclusion to this series So many twists and turns I was sad when I finished reading Hard Love because it is the last book for Blake and Erica AWESOME READ

  30. It s really hard to write this review without giving away some spoilers from books 1 4 If you haven t read them yet, I m going to ask you to stop reading here, jump down to the bottom and enter the AH MAZING giveaways, and then go buy the first four books I can tell you the series ends really well I knew following the super dramatic and emotional end of Hard Limit Hacker 4 that Hard Love would be a roller coaster ride of emotions I had no idea how wild of a ride it would be, though The great thi [...]

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