Aug 15, 2022

Noble Chase

Noble Chase By {author, ☆ Noble Chase ☆ Michael Rudolph ☆ Noble Chase ☆ Michael Rudolph - Noble Chase, Noble Chase An action packed debut legal thriller about what can happen when one small innocent mistake snowballs into a huge dangerous life threatening disaster For fans of Greg Iles and Linda Fairstein Beth

  • Title: Noble Chase
  • Author: Michael Rudolph
  • ISBN: 9781101884379
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ Noble Chase ☆ Michael Rudolph, Noble Chase, Michael Rudolph, Noble Chase An action packed debut legal thriller about what can happen when one small innocent mistake snowballs into a huge dangerous life threatening disaster For fans of Greg Iles and Linda Fairstein Beth Swahn is a young associate at Wilcox Swahn Giles when she makes a costly mistake she believes her client During what is supposed to be a celebratory dinner she quAn action packed debut

Noble Chase

☆ Noble Chase ☆ Michael Rudolph ☆ Noble Chase ☆ Michael Rudolph - Noble Chase, Noble Chase An action packed debut legal thriller about what can happen when one small innocent mistake snowballs into a huge dangerous life threatening disaster For fans of Greg Iles and Linda Fairstein Beth Noble Chase

  • ☆ Noble Chase ☆ Michael Rudolph
    104Michael Rudolph
Noble Chase

417 thought on “Noble Chase

  1. 3 1 2 to 4 stars The novel could have made 4 1 2, as it was a very exciting story, had the author not had a conceit About 1 3 to 1 2 the story takes place aboard a sailboat Well and good The author seriously over estimated my intelligence about sailing One of the characters would say something such as my words, not the authors , There s a storm coming We better blastafrag the empacalumer What he actually wrote made as much sense to this landlubber of a reader I would be really into the action, t [...]

  2. A solid effort, but nothing stellar.It was very standard thriller fare with all the primary characters maneuvering to get each other in some way There was tension, but it was always low key, never reached the Oh, my God, how are they going to get out of this level.I suspected one twist almost from the beginning of the book, long before the characters in the book caught on, because Rudolph made it a little too obvious or because it s been used a hundred times before.Some chapters had scene breaks [...]

  3. This was disappointing for me can t believe all the good blurbs it had Not really a legal thriller and not for fans of John Grisham as billed no slick maneuvering or rooting for the little guy, just an irresponsible and inexperienced lawyer, tons of sailing jargon, weak dialog, and an anticlimactic ending.

  4. I found this book tedious, the plot boring, the descriptions overdone and the characters shallow I struggled to get through it and, when I did, I wondered why I bothered.

  5. I received a copy of this for free through First Reads This was a great, fast, easy read I did not enjoy the sailing parts at all though Overall it was a great story though I would not put it in the same category as Greg Iles though, who is one of my favorite authors.

  6. Interesting action story Sailing language was a bit much and lead character s actions weren t always believable.

  7. 2 star it was ok.This book had a lot of potential It was easy to read and get into Unfortunately, it lacked excitement I thought the plot could have been a lot tighter This is the type of book where I can put it down any time and not worry about getting right back to it There were a few spots where I thought it got exciting only to be let down again None of the excitement could be sustained or carried over or reached a climax.I also disagreed with some of the major points Spoiler starts here for [...]

  8. While i enjoyed this book very much , however as a fan of mystery stories i found it too easy to figure out the ending before i finished the book I give it a 4 star rating as the writing itself was exceptionally descriptive and detailed.This story began with the discovery by a lawyer that she was too trustful of her client.In short she believed everything she was told.As a result 70 million dollars was stolen by her Corporate client.She then ,with the aid of her parents, went on a search to find [...]

  9. When associate attorney Beth Swahn discovers that the head of her mysterious corporate client doesn t know the full amount of a judgment she won for them and her contact has gone missing, she has a huge problem Working with her professional liability insurer her firm wants to get out of the situation as quickly as possible but to Beth something doesn t add up and she undertakes her own search for the missing money to defend her reputation This book isn t a mystery but a thriller as Beth, along w [...]

  10. While this was predictable, it could have been a very satisfying escape However, I think the author felt a need to prove how well he had researched for his story There are extensive passages full of the jargon of banking and insurance, how to hide ill gotten gains, and the last part of the plot is a chase of sailboats to catch a thief, that is riddled with details of sailing from halyards, grommets, gennies and reefing the sails It caused the story to bog down, though I found that I could skim o [...]

  11. I was fortunate enough to be sent an ARC of this book.It was a fast moving story about two people who bilked a client out of 70,000.A young, rather inexperienced lawyer made the fatal mistake of trusting her client and then found her own reputation and life in peril.Her pursuit of the people who had supposedly died in a boating accident led her off land and into the water, along with her mother and stepfather.The only thing, toward the end, which slowed the story down for me was the author s det [...]

  12. I received this book as part of a giveaway.Young attorney, Beth Swahn, discovers that a client of hers has embezzled 70 million dollars from a settlement and then been killed in a boating accident This discovery leads her to begin an investigation that will take her to places she s never been and introduce her to a side of people she never realized existed It will take all her skill to survive, both physically and professionally utilizing a team of her mother and stepfather, and unknowingly assi [...]

  13. An action packed thriller about a corporate accountant, Leonard Sloane and his accomplice Erica Grossland, they both use their positions to embezzle 70 million dollars from a wealthy Taiwan businessman, C.K Leung A lawyer Elizabeth Beth Swahn was handling the litigations for C.K when she uncovers the missing millions from the legal settlement The evidence pointed towards the accountant and his accomplice, the chase goes to the high seas, trying to locate the embezzler s and the missing millions, [...]

  14. An easy and entertaining read For my taste, there was too much detail about sailing and not enough about the legal subject matter Unless there is a sequel planned, there were a few too many red herrings and unresolved issues I wish the characters were deeply developed, although the plot flowed smoothly The ending also had some surprises but the reasoning for them was unclear.

  15. This book was a win Very good writing, good read For a reader not familiar with nautical terminology, there was a lot in there but did not detract from the book Enjoyed very much Great debut.

  16. Great book for a first timer Full of action Good plotline s A little romance, not vulgar at all Would read another book by this author in a heartbeat.I received this book free from First Reads.

  17. I m not a sailorIt was slow in parts A good read otherwise Would have like of an ending with the 2 phone calls.

  18. I absolutely loved this book It is a real page turner and very well written It was a very exciting story and the characters were likeable I can t wait to read by this author.

  19. really liked it, fast paced, and plenty of sailing details felt like I could almost sail a boat afterwards

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