Aug 15, 2022

Justice Redeemed

Justice Redeemed By {author, [PDF] Justice Redeemed | by ✓ Scott Pratt [PDF] Justice Redeemed | by ✓ Scott Pratt - Justice Redeemed, Justice Redeemed Two years ago Darren Street made a name for himself as the man who rooted out corruption in the district attorney s office Now the hotheaded young lawyer is in the public eye yet again this time acc

  • Title: Justice Redeemed
  • Author: Scott Pratt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Justice Redeemed | by ✓ Scott Pratt, Justice Redeemed, Scott Pratt, Justice Redeemed Two years ago Darren Street made a name for himself as the man who rooted out corruption in the district attorney s office Now the hotheaded young lawyer is in the public eye yet again this time accused of murder Jalen Jordan retained Street for what seemed to be a minor traffic violation but when evidence turned up linking Jordan to the death of two boys Street wanteTwo years

Justice Redeemed

[PDF] Justice Redeemed | by ✓ Scott Pratt [PDF] Justice Redeemed | by ✓ Scott Pratt - Justice Redeemed, Justice Redeemed Two years ago Darren Street made a name for himself as the man who rooted out corruption in the district attorney s office Now the hotheaded young lawyer is in the public eye yet again this time acc Justice Redeemed

  • [PDF] Justice Redeemed | by ✓ Scott Pratt
    230Scott Pratt
Justice Redeemed

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  1. Absolutely rivetting and engaging, this book was a roller coaster ride Scott Pratt knows how to engage his readers and keep them hooked Discovered another alternative to John Grisham in addition to Victor Methos The plot is about our protagonist Darren Street who is charged with a murder he did not commit and ultimately lands up in prison for life, courtesy Ben Clancy, a scheming lawyer who is hell bent on destroying Darren Street Darren now needs to find the real murderer How is he gonna do it [...]

  2. A good fast paced legal thriller with a plot that keeps the main character between a rock and a hard place Some of the choices made were a little unbelievable for a smart guy but still a good listen.

  3. First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Scott Pratt, and Thomas Mercer for providing me with a copy of this book, which allows me to provide you with this review.In this stand alone legal thriller, Pratt brings as much gusto as can be found in his popular Joe Dillard series Darren Street is a compassionate criminal defence attorney, as oxymoronic as that may sound He fights for the little guy and will not permit injustice to permeate an already jaded society As Pratt opens the novel, [...]

  4. Thanks to netgalley, Scott Pratt and Thomas Mercer for the advance ARC copy for my honest review This was my first read from the author Scott Pratt, definitely won t be my last and was totally blown away by Justice Redeemed Man can Pratt ever write a legal thriller, totally blows away my favorite in the genre John Grisham.Totally like how he kept this simple, terminology wise, regarding all the legal process that s in Justice Redeemed and that makes for an awesome experience by the reader.Justic [...]

  5. Wowwwwwwwww When I tell you Pratt is one of my favorite legal writers, that s truly an understatement For some reason, I was of the opinion this was another installment in the Joe Dillard series, but quickly learned this was an entirely different legal story altogether No matter, it was an outstanding read Can you imagine having a decent law practice married to a woman who looks like she belongs on the cover of a high fashioned magazine a son whom you adore and a mother that would do anything fo [...]

  6. I was given an advance copy of this book to read and write a review However, being provided a copy of the book for free doesn t influence my opinion since I would have been able to read it on Kindle Unlimited anyway This book is fantastic I ve read the 7 books in the Joe Dillard series, and I enjoyed all but one of them This book blows all of those out of the water The thing I love about these books is how much of the legal process we get to see This book goes into even depth As someone trained [...]

  7. Written by Scott Pratt, nicely narrated by Nick Podehl, this unabridged audiobook is just over eight hours of listening, released in November 2015 by Brilliance Audio.Justice Redeemed is a legal thriller, but most of the story is post conviction of the lead character, Darren Street Darren is a successful criminal defense attorney in Knoxville, TN who finds himself convicted of a murder he did not commit The story is well researched, in my opinion I learned a great deal about the criminal convict [...]

  8. New Character, just as good and gripping as the othersWhen this book came out I thought I was going to have another dose of Joe Dillard s exciting legal thriller I simply can t get enough of the series This book is of a new character, Darren Street Different personality, different temperament and different nature of family life It is refreshing and as gripping as the Joe Dillard s series Is this the beginning of new series I hope so I d like very much to know how Clancy ends, imprisoned Murdered [...]

  9. This was a book I downloaded to read on a trip Thank God for this book The trip was fraught w delays and missed connections, and Scott Pratt s book was entertaining enough to keep me occupied rather than me complaining The main character, Darren Street, is engaging and worth rooting for incredibly na veA really bad guy walks into his attorney s office and after Darren listens to his story, he realizes that he doesn t want to represent someone this reprehensible, but the bad guy threatens his fam [...]

  10. So how have I missed Scott Pratt As someone who has practiced criminal law for thirty years, both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney, I expect a lot in legal based novels Scott Pratt fulfills those expectations Real characters, some of whom I could assign a name because they are so real, and a page turning story almost had me read this is one sitting Add to it a setting in my beloved Tennessee, and Scott Pratt has me as his newest, biggest fant to echo a Stephen King character.

  11. DisappointingAfter reading the author s other books, I was set to enjoy this book I was quickly disappointed This tale of a lawyer wrongly convicted of murder is unbelievable and nearly ridiculous at times I skimmed nearly half the book, only reading to get the outcome If you believe what you re reading herein, you will have no confidence in the courts or Judges the extent of this criminality is incredulous and downright boring.even in a novel.

  12. Rating 3.5 StarsJustice is like an abandoned child in a dark forest She meanders slowly, in search of the light One must hope she will eventually find her way Our protagonist Darren Street is all about the search of justice Injustice screamed at him with his abusive father until he screamed back Darren Street is all about justice A defense lawyer, he represented his uncle who did 18 years time for a murder he did not commit Street went after the DA using the court system to free his uncle In doi [...]

  13. This is the first time I have read this author The book is a standalone legal thriller Our protagonist is Darren Street, a criminal defense attorney who is defending a child killer Apparently the killer is murdered and Street is the suspect Street had made an enemy of the District Attorney who now is working as a Federal Prosecutor The main theme is that those in government or who have its backing, the right evidence and the power of persuasion can convict innocent people In other words justice [...]

  14. A story of survivalI really liked Scott Pratts Joe Dillard series When I polished those off I decided to try this new character, Darren Street He s also a defense attorney in Tennessee but this time around Knoxville I ll admit I had a hard time getting into this book It didn t grab me right from the first chapter like Joe Dillard 1 I took a break and read some other genres coming back to this one a week later By now I advanced far enough in the story to be enthralled No defense attorney is ever [...]

  15. Fantastic courtroom actionI have read several books by Scott Pratt and have never been disappointed.Darren Street is an attorney who has just successfully got his uncle released from prison where he has been held wrongfully When Darren is approached by Jalen Jordan to represent him, Darren at first agrees but when he finds out that Jalen killed two innocent children, he throws him out But Jalen won t accept that and threatens to kill Darrens son Now begins the chase for Darren to do everything h [...]

  16. When Darren Street comes face to face with a genuine psychopath who theatens his kid, his immediate response is kill or be killed No one takes him seriously which causes him to go into overreaction overdrive and make the situation worse The powers that be are aware he is not overreacting, but instead of helping they use the whole problem as an opportunity to get revenge on Street for his courtroom attack on them in the past The characters are a bit stereotyped, such as the superficial ex wife, b [...]

  17. Terrific read Not your usual legal thriller, this gives an inside look to the penal system Completely believable, we are treated to a view of prison seldom seen Horrific, unjust and riddled with despair, the reader is pulled into a world without hope from which the characters can only dream of escape.

  18. This but was by far the best that I have read in a long time It s one of those you can t put down you can wait to see what s around the next turn Great book one that you can t put down can t wait to see what down the next turn Wow is all I can say

  19. A good, well written book I thought this book was really good The story caught me almost right away and kept me reading I will look for from this author.

  20. A special thank you to Thomas Mercer for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Scott Pratt, author of the bestselling legal Joe Dillard series have read them all a huge fan ,returns with a riveting standalone, JUSTICE REDEEMED a smart young attorney, gets caught up in a dangerous game of murder and corruption Leading to the destruction of his personal and professional career, while trying to prove his innocence, and attain justice Combined withPratt s wit, and sophisticated legal and courtroom [...]

  21. New Character is Welcome Darren Street, Attorney at Law He s welcome to join Scott Pratt s Joe Dillard, another lawyer I ve read all the Dillard books and enjoyed their fast pace, very human characters and neatly executed conclusions, so Justice Redee med has come to be in the talented Mr Pratt s Tennessee world of good thriller reading Thank you ,sir

  22. I was impressed with the intensity of the storyI found this story riveting So intense that I had to put it down for a short while Great ending

  23. I m so upset that I ve just discovered Scott Pratt This book was absolutely thrilling I confess that some of the details, setting, etc hit a little too close to home for me but WOW I loved the characters even though I hated most of them There were a few I wished for karma to come in and kick ass Only one truly far fetched spot in the book but it was necessary and it is fiction after all I felt like I was there, the author did his research and really knows what he s writing about I can t wait to [...]

  24. 5 enthusiastic start How this is my first Scott Pratt book I have no idea Maybe I ve been under a rock, but this is one if the best legal thrillers I ve read Ever I m not going to recap anything, but I will say that I listened to the audio on this and I couldn t turn it off I started and finished it in a day I know I cleaned house, did tons of laundry and shopped, but I barely remember doing it because I was completely immersed I m definitely going to dig in to the Joe Dillard series while I m i [...]

  25. The first half was ok, the second half was fantastic Being in Darren s shoes for this experience was mind boggling Yes you have to suspend belief a wee bit, but no matter, it all worked Loved it.

  26. This is a very entertaining book that resembles The Lincoln Lawyer in many ways Mind you, Mr Pratt is not, in my opinion, as talented a writer as Michael Connelly However, he has constructed a well plotted and fast paced tale of justice miscarried and justice redeemed Where this book falls short of those from Connelly is predominantly in the courtroom scenes There were times when I felt like the author was ramrodding our protagonist through these passages just so he could move onto the jailhouse [...]

  27. AwfulI am always looking for legal thrillers so I was excited to start this book and it begins with an interesting premise But it is all downhill from there cardboard characters, unbelievable dialogue, ridiculous and uninteresting courtroom scenes Apparently, good cross examination consists of simply making unsupported accusations against the witness and then sitting down Really disappointing.

  28. TExcellent book I was totally hooked by the second chapter The lines of good and evil were drawn and my stomach was in knots for the good guy s well being I ve read previous Pratt novels and thoroughly enjoyed his writing style This one did not disappoint me I highly recommend it.

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