Aug 19, 2022

The Promise of Provence

The Promise of Provence By {author, [PDF] The Promise of Provence | by ↠ Patricia Sands [PDF] The Promise of Provence | by ↠ Patricia Sands - The Promise of Provence, The Promise of Provence On the evening of her twenty second wedding anniversary Katherine Price can t wait to celebrate But instead of receiving an anniversary card from her husband she finds a note asking for a divorce Fi

  • Title: The Promise of Provence
  • Author: Patricia Sands
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] The Promise of Provence | by ↠ Patricia Sands, The Promise of Provence, Patricia Sands, The Promise of Provence On the evening of her twenty second wedding anniversary Katherine Price can t wait to celebrate But instead of receiving an anniversary card from her husband she finds a note asking for a divorce Fifty five and suddenly alone Katherine begins the daunting task of starting over She has her friends her aging mother and her career to occupy her but the future seems toOn

The Promise of Provence

[PDF] The Promise of Provence | by ↠ Patricia Sands [PDF] The Promise of Provence | by ↠ Patricia Sands - The Promise of Provence, The Promise of Provence On the evening of her twenty second wedding anniversary Katherine Price can t wait to celebrate But instead of receiving an anniversary card from her husband she finds a note asking for a divorce Fi The Promise of Provence

  • [PDF] The Promise of Provence | by ↠ Patricia Sands
    207Patricia Sands
The Promise of Provence

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  1. First Reads Give awayThe Promise of Provence is one truly extraordinary read It is the story of Katherine who s ordinary life is turned upside down with a bunch of flowers and a letter from her husband.If I did not have other commitments in my life I could see myself reading this book in one sitting The story grabs you right from the very start and keeps hold of you right till the very end I will openly admit that this story made me wish I had paid attention in French class in high school You a [...]

  2. I am clearly out of touch with modern life Either authors have conspired to add the same plot development to each and every current novel, or I have been left behind in the life story line situation currently being experienced It s impossible for me to count how many books read recently contain these elements woman is dumped and left devastated by husband lover boyfriendshe struggles to recover her equilibriumher life becomes better and oh, yeah, she meets a fabulous new guy 10 20 years younger [...]

  3. I am baffled by ratings and review of this book it is so bad it is painful to read Between the elaborately contrived descriptions of wall color, flowers same exact phrases repeated over and over and the horrific editing, I am thinking about burning my Kindle Having finally slogged through this skipping the simperingly forced pages of descriptions which read like 10th grade descriptive beach essays I would love to bump my stars down to 0 That said, I finished it, so it can keep one Serious plot t [...]

  4. The Promise of HumanityThis book is really enjoyable in a number of ways, that is, you can read it as a romantic adventure, self help, travel or historical fiction etc.No matter how you approach it, it has something for virtually anyone, although it is targeted at female readers.What I found amazing was the ease of shifting viewpoints across times, cultures, countries, continents, languages, and above all, mindsets.At the beginning, the storytelling felt a bit slow, especially for a male reader, [...]

  5. This book is one part travel book and one part love story Together, they come together nicely to tell the tale of Katherine, a 55 year old woman who, in the first few pages becomes a woman alone after many years of marriage She doesn t know what to do or where she should go We see her making choices some good, some bad and learning along the way The novel takes her to France and that s where her growing to become herself takes place The author describes locations in France so beautifully that I [...]

  6. I absolutely loved this book It makes me want to do a home swap with someone in Provence or at least rent a house there I thought the characters were well developed and enjoyed Molly s character I look forward to seeing what is next for Katherine and Philippe I won this from The Reading Room Webiste.

  7. In The Promise of Provence, Patricia Sands takes the reader on a journey of discovery When her main character s marriage falls apart, Katherine decides to travel out of her comfort zone in Toronto, first to Provence, and then to The French Riviera During these trips, she grows stronger emotionally, joining the locals and experiencing a very different side of life, including romance Often I felt like I was beside her enjoying the sights in these remarkable locations in France.

  8. For a middle aged woman preparing to enjoy a quiet, lovely anniversary with her husband of many years, life comes to a screeching halt Starting over with a bruised heart and trust at a minimum teaches her that life is not over and a great deal is still meant to be lived.The Promise of Provence was just the sort of women s fiction that I enjoy when in the right mood I loved the combination of a person growing and recovering from a few huge hits husband cheating and walking away along with a famil [...]

  9. I was drawn to this book by the title initially as I love France and Provence in particular This book delivered far than I could have expected To begin with the setting is Toronto in Canada, which immediately made me want to visit I immediately identified with Kat, whose life changes dramatically and unexpectedly when she is in her fifties.Alongside a romance, there is the story of Kat s parents and their escape from Hungary It is also a story of coping with change and moving on As Kat s mother [...]

  10. I just want you guys to know that I read this, fully, because I was SO AMAZED that a book could be SO BORING opened up their prime subscribers library recently so I poked around and found a book to read in about thirty seconds romance, france, sounds good OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, the most boring Not really a romance novel with a plot so much as a book to make middle aged ladies want to go to France Like a travel advertisement It explained a lot when I got to the end and the author s note revealed tha [...]

  11. I wanted to like this book than I did The parts about Provence were actually quite good It was the distracting side plots that were frustrating for me There were several that were unnecessary and went nowhere Editing out a third of this book would have made it much better.

  12. I wanted to like this book than I did I was never fully engaged with the story The side story that was included was of a distraction for me and I never fully understood what it had to do with the story The story seemed a little disjointed and was not easy for me to read.I never really connected with Katherine I felt like she never really allowed me to know her and that made it difficult to understand her There were moments in the book where I thought there might be a breakthrough but it never [...]

  13. For the most part, this was fast read piece of chick lit I found it a fast read, not too deep and a bit forced in order for the expected conclusion to make sense There was not much thinking in this book and that s what made it a fast, one day read I would probably recommend it for a beach day read or a sitting around on a rainy day read but would not have been happy if it wasn t a free read for me Enjoyed the light reading but there was no real meat to the story Everything happened exactly as yo [...]

  14. Swept up in the lovely local descriptions of the vineyards, the food and wine, the market places and the flowers, The Promise of Provence transported me to one of my favourite places in France Katherine s journey from loss and grief to her happiness as she falls in love again, with Provence, kept me turning the pages and evoked every emotion If Provence is not already on your travel list, it certainly will be after this most enjoyable read

  15. The Promise of Provence is an innovative and unusual type of novel because the heroine is not an innocent or feisty young woman in search of a career or a companion The main character is a middle aged woman, in her late fifties, who finds that the life she was living and had planned to continue leading disintegrates unexpectedly before her eyes As a result, she is forced reinvent herself and redesign her future.The first part of The Promise of Provence carries us through the traumatic events, wh [...]

  16. My first book addition to the 7th annual Canadian Reading Challenge for both Canadian locations and Canadian author Patricia Sands writes knowledgeably about Toronto and surrounding area of St Jacobs, home territory of our MC, as well as her travels to Provence, France Descriptions have piqued my interest in both the area of France and the home exchange program that brought the book s protagonist to discover same.Secondary characters and subplots in abundance for this 450 page contemporary women [...]

  17. So I opened the book, and by page 5, no Marseille exaggeration here Marseille is the French Texas of Provence their inhabitants are renowned, all over France, to exaggerate everything , so by page 5, I was TOTALLY hooked and I kept reading and devoured the book in about 2 days.Kat Katherine lives in Canada She is 55, has been married for many years, but on their wedding anniversary, her husband introduces a totally unexpected bomb in her life That s the setting at the opening of the book, and th [...]

  18. This book and series is part romance and part travelogue I enjoyed the story of a woman who reinvents herself after being dumped by a cheating husband He actually did her a favor though in a heartless and underhanded way as their marriage was all about him and his desires After challenging events occur in her life, Katherine feels the need for a change of scenery and agrees to a house exchange in Provence, France Her new journey begins like a fairly tale once she settles in, and continues like [...]

  19. Maybe it was the many years I lived in Europe that made this novel so appealing to me Or perhaps that the past decade my husband and I have been home exchangers, something central to the heart of this story The protagonist, Katherine, I took a while to warm up to but as I finished this novel, I realized I wanted to know about her life and budding romance in Provence So now, I will happily begin Book 2 in this trilogy Vivid descriptions of this sun drenched part of Europe will entice first time [...]

  20. It s a big universe Everything happens Somewhere, says Doctor Who The Doctor, The Widow The Wardrobe But I would answer that just as in this episode, and in the Narnia stories it s based on, sometimes it s the Somewhere that makes everything happen To an extent, that s what occurs in both The Promise of Provence and Promises to Keep, the first two volumes of Patricia Sands Love in Provence series.The story begins on Katherine Price s wedding anniversary, as she heads to her job in Toronto Lookin [...]

  21. The Promise of Provence is the perfect mix of women s fiction but also travel writing, with a fair amount of delicious food descriptions too This is a story that starts with some reasonably heavy topics for the first 20% and then after that once Katherine is in France, I found myself enjoying the book even Katherine is going through a large amount of change in this story, her husband divorces her very early into the book, and she moves back in with her aging mother We soon learn just what happe [...]

  22. I received this book free from the publisher through NetGalley I thank them for their generousity In exchange, I was simply asked to write an honest review, and post it The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising Fifty something Katherine Price comes home to celebrate her anniversary with her husband James, who, as regular as clockwork has [...]

  23. The Promise of Provence is a wonderful tale of a woman in search of herself Katherine is a fifty five year old woman with a nice life in Toronto She has a good job as a researcher and a happy marriage, that is until James, her husband leaves her an anniversary bouquet with a note saying he wants a divorce As Katherine s world falls apart she relies on friends and family to help her pick up the pieces and start again.Her life takes on a new twist when her cousin suggests she try a house exchange [...]

  24. On the day of Katherine s 22 wedding anniversary, she walks into her kitchen and smiles at the bouquet and note left for her by her husband, James He obviously has some sort of surprise for her He does He is leaving her for his pregnant girlfriend Katherine is stunned She takes a few days off of work to make her self presentable and stable enough to be able to tell people what happened She goes back to work and with the help of her friends friends that she had neglected during her marriage , she [...]

  25. A 4 star rating from me means I liked this book.I liked the fact that I m reading about a 55 year old lady that has circumstances thrown upon her, life changing events in the middle of your life I am that age now I could relate to the anguish, troubles and emotions that she went through when her marriage broke up My marriage hasn t, been married for 30 years, I mean in the age, mature bracket.However, like in any age we can be irrational Looking after her Mother she became her carer, so a totall [...]

  26. Wow, I loved this book I love books set in France and Italy particularly and this one set between Canada and France filled the bill Loved the descriptions of places seen and food eaten This book made me laugh and cry Katherine s story kept me engrossed, I hardly wanted to put it down This was not only a story about a woman finding herself again and claiming her life back, it is also a love story between a man and a woman and a woman and a country It is also a story recognizing the importance of [...]

  27. I was lucky enough to read this book WHILE I was traveling to and in France This is a touching story that, well, gives you hope through sadness It shows you how a little change in scenery can completely change the landscape of your life The descriptions of France were amazing and this book is perfect for anyone who longs to be a free spirit Although it s about a women in the later years of your life, I think the lessons learned are relatable to women of any age And there s a bit of romance, whic [...]

  28. This is a great summer beach read I love France, Provence and traveling The descriptions of Provence and the characters are wonderful and I could imagine myself there My daughter spent a semester in Antibes and the descriptions of the town, market and restaurants helped me to get a feel for what she experienced She loved Antibes and the people were very friendly I would love to visit one day

  29. From Toronto to the Provence Marriage ended and wants to break free for a while and have a break I was immediately transported back to my trip to Monaco last year I know exactly how and why she fell in love with Provence ,not going to do a spoiler , you will just have to read it She has great friends and is very supportive of them too but needs to find herself.

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