Capturing the unique personality of your family in precious shared moments is what I aim to achieve.The large modern Studio allows for large and small families to come together to celebrate who they are and how much they enjoy being together.

The contemporary style of relaxed,fun and less formal images against a white background is very popular with familes. For others, elegantly posed portraits against muted more formal backgrounds provides a more traditional image that some families wish to keep forever and pass on through the generations. It is your choice.

It is so important that each image is what YOU want !

Unlike some Studios, I will NOT present you with a limited number of highly posed, pre-framed, very expensive images and expect you to purchase them.

For a sitting fee of £25 you will have the opportunity to spend about an hour in the studio being photographed in a wide variety of poses and offered an unlimited number of images to view after the session. You are under NO obligation to purchase any images. There is NO catch.

Preparing for a Portrait

Before the shoot, it is a good idea to consider what you should wear, for example, avoid big prints, bold patterns and bright colours. For groups choose shades that blend well.

For children, it is a good idea to bring along favourite toys, musical instruments, football kit etc and changes of clothing for them. We do have a supply of props.

For babies, I would recommend you bring along several outfits - avoiding bold patterns and large logos. (Dungarees are not recommended as they tend to cover chins). You may want to bring spare nappies, hairbrush, favourite toy or blanket. Sleeping and feeding times should be taken into consideration when booking an appointment - the aim to have happy contented babies.

After the shoot I will book a time for you to view your images which will be projected onto a large screen. It is worth considering where in your home you plan to locate your framed portraits and what sizes and colours would look best with your décor.

If you have any queries, please do ask and contact me.