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Posted on Dec 03, 2012

This is my lovely dog, Amy. She is a charming and much loved family pet. Brittany (Spaniel) dogs are quite rare in the UK and can be more commonly found in northern France, Belgium and Holland. They are gun dogs and are highly energetic, obedient and intelligent dogs. I love her!

She was such fun to photograph at my Photography Studio in Yateley. She had a new collar on and seemed happy to show it off. I am delighted to have captured the rich golden colours of her coat and the deep warm affection in her eyes.

This is a very true and honest image of my Amy!

Dog photography is always good fun.


Posted on Dec 03, 2012

This lovely, energetic  Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Poppy, was so much fun to photograph! She just seem to smile up at me when I asked her to sit. She took it all in her stride and confidently posed for every shot. I chose this one as it captures her smiley face and an expression of wanting to please you. I love pet photography. At my studio in Yateley, Hampshire, it is so easy to bring your pet along for a relaxed and calm photo session. I am confident with dogs and ask the owners to help out when they bring their cats!

Posted on Dec 03, 2012

This beautiful, Siberian Huskey, was a real pleasure to photograph. What a gentle and well behaved boy he was! Huskey dogs are so intelligent. He was so responsive to his owner and to my commands that the session was over in 30 minutes. He looks so proud and content. The owner was so delighted that I had captured the grace, elegance and the strength of his dog that he ordered a huge framed print. It takes pride of place on his living room wall in Wokingham.